If you stay around Aljunied/Paya Lebar, Moment Thai Cuisine at Blk 119, Foodhub is THE Thai food stall you have to check out. Having said so, if you don’t live here but are willing to travel for food, they make some “uniquely-delicious” dishes that you will struggle to find elsewhere in Singapore.


They have many items on their menu but let me tell you exactly what to try!


Signature Century Egg with Basil Pork [S$10] – This is a delicious iteration of the popular basil pork (pad kaprao) that Singaporeans are not familiar with. I tried this at other eateries but personally prefer the version here because they take the pride and effort to elevate it by separately frying the century egg and basil so you enjoy a light crisp texture on top of the ground pork. This is a must-order for foodies who love their century egg (and pad kaprao)!


Garlic Pork [S$8] – Most garlic pork you find in Singapore are saucy stir-fried versions. The version at Moment Thai is fried, just like how it’s usually done in Thailand. It might look dry but is extremely addictive. We suggest eating with lots of hot steamed rice (or beer) ?.


Signature Salt-Baked Fish [S$19.90] – You always see this dish along the streets heading to CentralWorld and also at some night markets in Bangkok. If you miss biting into juicy fish that’s fully-infused with the flavours of stuffed herbs, this is the place to satisfy your craving in Singapore without having to pay an arm or leg. Note: This dish requires a 20-minute preparation time. We suggest you to call and pre-order.


Pineapple Fried Rice [S$6] – Fun fact: Do you know that this dish is not popular in Thailand among locals? Ironically, it has become one of Thailand’s signature dishes in Singapore (and the rest of the world). Then again, with the addition of flavourful fish sausages, Moment Thai gives you a dish that packs more flavour and texture than your typical pineapple fried rice. Perhaps they might want to consider selling fish sausages as a side dish in future?

If you are here with your family, you may want to check out their Set for 2-3 pax.


It comes with their Signature 3 Taste Fish, Thai-style Kang Kong, Tom Yum Soup and 2 servings of white rice for just S$29.90 – a fantastic deal compared to ordering the dishes individually.


Thai-style Kang Kong [S$6] – It’s a good change from the typical sambal kang kong that we can find everywhere.


Tom Yum Soup [S$6] – Bright tangy Tom Yum soup with the right amount of spice is a must for every Thai meal.


Signature Thai 3 Taste Fish [S$19.90] – If you are in the mood for fried fish, this will not disappoint. The 3 taste sauce is a refreshing change from the familiar flavours we get in Singapore and you will be coming back for seconds soon.


Do drop by Moment Thai Cuisine to try their Thai food if you happen to be in Aljunied or Paya Lebar area. If you enjoy your meal, don’t forget to tell them AroiMakMak.com sent you! ?

[Singapore] Moment Thai Cuisine

This post is brought to you in partnership with Moment Thai Cuisine.  As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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