Mont Nom Sod was established in 1964 and they started selling toast on  the street. Today, they are a well-known successful chain in Thailand. In Bangkok, they have 2 locations but the most convenient one is at MBK Center. The other location is around Khao San.


At Mont, they are famous for their toasts and milk. Thais are known for making simple bread into  delicious treats with the simplest ingredients.


Their toasts comes with a variety of delicious fillings (Original Coconut Custard, Coconut Custard, Condensed Milk, Sugar, Marmalade Jam, Chocolate, Corn Soup, Strawberry Jam, Taro Custard) at just 23 baht.


The most popular flavour as seen is Original Coconut Custard and Condensed Milk. In fact, the coconut custard is similar to “Kaya”, just that it has stronger coconut taste and is less sweet as compared to Kaya. The bread is also crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.


Their also have a variety of bread items for sale.


Don’t forget to drop by this place to try out the toast while in MBK!

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Fresh toasts with delicious choice of fillings.

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= Conclusion

You got to try the toasts in Bangkok! Simple yet so delicious.