For those who are familiar with Thailand’s street food, you would have come across Moo Ping before. Moo = Pork and Ping = Grill, so in English, it’s called Thai Grilled Pork.

And I’m not here to just introduce you any Moo Ping stall but one that is very popular with the locals. Don’t worry, the original stall  is not hard to find, they are located just outside 7/11 on Silom Road at Soi Convent. But do take note that they are only open from 10pm onwards till early morning.


Not difficult to understand why it’s well known with the locals because this Moo Ping cart has been around since 1983!


I’m amazed that they are even on Facebook and Instagram!


I believe the secret to why so many Thai dishes or street food taste so great is because they make use of traditional charcoal, using the amber and heat to cook the food. The end product of this Moo Ping is  succulent and tender and you can eat it piece by piece with much ease.


If you can take spicy, don’t forget to add the homemade chilli sauce which gives the Moo Ping an extra punch of flavour. Each stick costs just 10฿.

Good news for non night owls, they are now open at Central Embassy, so you can enjoy it during the daytime too.  However at Central Embassy, each stick costs 20฿.