Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ  or commonly known as  Mookata Katong  has been around since 2011 and they are one of the pioneers in Mookata, after the original at Golden Mile Complex (New Udon Thai Food).

In recent years, you would have noticed  the sudden surge of Mookata outlets all around Singapore. Some are established Thai restaurants who started introducing Mookata only recently while there are others who are specialise in Mookata.

AroiMakMak is on a quest to visit some of the best / established Mookata outlets in Singapore. So how did  Mookata Katong fare? Find out below!


Mookata Katong is located along Katong Road, just opposite 112 Katong. Opened since 2011, they just renovated their outlet in 2014 to give customers a smoke-free Mookata experience. Why smoke free?


During the recent renovation, they installed these smoke absorbers. I wouldn’t say it absorbs 100% of the smoke and smell, but it does help in removing certain percentage of the smoke and smell, giving you a better experience overall.


This is an extremely popular Mookata outlet in Singapore, so you have  to be prepared to queue for the good food. They do not accept reservations but you can make use of their queuing system at the entrance of the outlet and be notified when a seat is available. At least, you can take a walk at 112 Katong if the queue is very long, especially during peak hours.

Mookata Katong is well known for their ala-carte sets as it is actually cheaper if you order your favourite sets / meats, rather than taking the buffet. But if you want to go for buffet, they serve it from Monday to Thursday with a 2 hour dining limit at S$34.90++.


At Mookata Katong, they make use of charcoal, which I think is better as  the meat can be cooked thoroughly while retaining its flavour. Not all mookata places use charcoal as some of them use gas stoves. In addition, their UFO pan here is also bigger and hence you can boil / grill more of your meats and vegetables!


The above picture is Pork Lard. You are supposed to place it at the top of the UFO Mookata Pan to let the oil spread throughout the pan, letting you grill the meat with ease without having the meat sticking onto the pan.


We ordered the Meat Lover’s Platter (S$74.90++) and it consists of  pork collar, chicken thigh, sliced beef suriyaki, streaky bacon, shabu shabu, pork belly and 2 premium sausages.


Let’s start BBQ-ing the food now!

The soup base here is actually pork clear soup and it’s quite flavourful on its own  already. When the grease and flavour from the meat drips into the soup, it tastes even better!


While waiting for your meat to be done,  chit chat with your friends or family. Having Mookata actually helps in bringing people together. Oh, don’t forget to turn your meat to ensure that both sides are properly cooked.

mookatakatong-meatonufo2 mookatakatong-tomyamchicken

The above (Tom Yum Chicken) and below (Tom Yum Pork) are their best sellers and it is not included in the set, so don’t forget to order and try it!

mookatakatong-tomyampork mookatakatong-pork

Among all the meats, we especially liked the Pork and Chicken. Pork here is so tender and flavourful. As seen above, this is the Pork Collar which we kept ordering! The meat here is  well seasoned using a secret recipe and you can be guaranteed of the finest ingredients being used.


The chilli sauces here come in 3 levels (Least Spicy, Medium Spicy and Spiciest)! If you like the chilli here, you can even purchase it and bring it home.

Don’t forget to try their best seller drinks here!

Thai Milk Tea – This is good to have when enjoying your mookata. It also helps to reduce the spiciness if you think that the food is spicy.


Lemongrass – A very refreshing drink and I would recommend it after you are done with all the meats.


Good news! Mookata Katong has extended their operating hours and it is indeed good news as they closed at 10pm previously. Oh, they also play Thai Songs to try to bring you the complete Thai dining experience which I like.


Thank you for your warm hospitality and for taking time for the short interview. It’s been a great pleasure meeting you.

+ Like

The delicious marinated quality meats, a relatively smoke-free experience.

– Dislike

As it is so popular, you have to queue during peak hours. So come early to get your seats! But also thankful to their queuing system in place.

= Conclusion

Many Mookata outlets have come and gone, but I’m very sure this established Mookata outlet is here to stay! They have been around since 2011, they listen to customers’ feedback, their meat is well marinated and I especially love their pork collar! The dining experience is also proper and comfortable and you won’t leave having a strong BBQ smell thanks to their new smoke absorbers!