In Seoul, you can find many traditional tea houses but there is one located in Insadong which you must visit! Moon Bird Only Thinks of the Moon (달새는달만생각한다) will let you experience the traditional teahouse culture of South Korea.


There are many new modern teahouses in Insadong as you find your way here, but don’t give up looking for this teahouse even though it’s located in a back alley. It is housed in a hanok (traditional Korean building).


Inside the teahouse, everything was really old and antique. You get a feel of what it must have been like living in Seoul in the past. But the staff were young though.


Even the seats were so traditional. There was another kind of seating where you had to sit  with your legs crossed. I guess I’m too old to sit  that way.


Once you are in the teahouse, you will feel time slowing down. Take time to appreciate this place, order some good traditional tea to sip. The tea comes in a generous  portion and each cup starts from 6000â‚©.


With every  cup of  tea ordered, you will be given complimentary traditional sweets which the staff will replace once you’re done. I wish I had more time to spare so that I could really enjoy the tea to the fullest.


This is the path leading to the back alley of the teahouse.


[Seoul] Moon Bird Thinks of Only The Moon