Just a few years ago, Khao Yai would hardly be on tourists’ top places to visit in Thailand. Now, it is one of the most popular choice among locals in Bangkok for a weekend getaway. With new modern cafes sprouting and the many places of interest amongst nature, Khao Yai is a refreshing break away from busy Bangkok life.


While driving around, we chanced upon this beautiful structure and slowed down to catch its name, “Mountful Khaoyai”. Though not in our initial itinerary, we knew we just had to, so we immediately decided to stop by the next day. So glad we did!

Mountful Khaoyai is considerably new, having opened its doors only in recent years, and is run by the same group of people behind “Big Mount”, a restaurant adjacent to the cafe.


We were amazed by the amount of natural light, vastly contrasting to the dark windows seen from the outside.

The cafe maintained a clean and minimal theme throughout, with yellow lights hanging off the ceiling, bringing warmth to the overall ambience. The open concept and space are also a welcomed change. We can imagine staying here for hours.


Mountful Khaoyai has a small drinks menu, and everything else is displayed on the countertop. We later learnt that is because their cakes and pastries are all home-made in small batches and constantly rotate, so you’ll probably see something new on each visit. We decided to go ahead and order a few of their signature drinks.


Raspberry Cortado  – Served in an espresso shot glass, it is a layered drink of homemade berry jam, espresso, and sweetened vanilla milk foam, finished with a little lemon zest. A brilliant concoction, in my opinion, and our companion said it’s the best espresso concoction she’s had in a long time.


Mocha Tiramisu – Essentially a dessert in a glass, not your average cup of mocha. With a thick (not kidding when we say thick) layer of fudge at the bottom, espresso, milk foam, and a generous sprinkle of cocoa powder. We recommend eating it like a dessert first by scooping it from the bottom up before mixing it together and having it as a drink.


Berry Honey Soda – If you prefer something fruity and refreshing, go with this. However, we felt it was too sweet for our liking.


Almond Coconut Chips – A healthy yet addictive snack which goes along with the good coffee here.


All drinks here in Mountful Khaoyai are created by the very talented owner, Khun Nin. Before we left, we saw her experimenting with Gin and Whiskey and learnt that she would also be incorporating some espresso-based cocktails in the menu soon!

Without a doubt one of the cafes, you should visit if you are in Khao Yai.

[Khao Yai] Mountful Khaoyai

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