In Bangkok, you can find many shops selling only one specialty  item. One is example Thipsamai which sells the best Pad Thai in Bangkok. As to whether they are really the best, it really is dependent on your liking. How about fried rice in Bangkok? We will reveal it today!

My friend once told me that there was this shop near Lad Phrao selling very delicious fried rice and they only sold one kind of fried rice! I was determined to check it out. Since I was around the area after Artbox Chatuchak,  I decided to check out the recommended stall, called  Kao Pad Poo Muangthong.

This famous shop is located towards the end of Chaeng Watthana Soi 14. The best way to get there is to take a Uber or taxi of course. Just remember to get the taxi to drive into the Soi or else you will have to take a 5-10 minutes walk.


As you pass the shop, you will notice a big kitchen and many employees cooking the same food!


Look at the number of people here! I was the only foreigner there because only the locals know about this place. There are also many who just drop by to get take-away!


Here’s the famous Crab Fried Rice at only 40 baht! It comes with chunks of real crab meat and the rice was well cooked. It was not soggy at all. There was some  “wok-hei”. IMO, the fried rice was good but not exceptional. I probably wasn’t very hungry though.


Fried Suki! I felt that this was better because it’s really very hard to find delicious Fried Suki. Suki is the sauce used during steamboats and they basically use the sauce to fry the noodles, vegetables and meat. Try it when you are here!

They also have other dishes available but I was alone and that was the best I could do.



If you want to try the best crab fried rice voted by locals, this is it!

[Bangkok] Muang Thong Crab Fried Rice