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Mukshidonna Tteokbokki – Affordable and Delicious Tteokbokki You Can’t Afford To Miss!

By Shazrina


Temperatures in Korea are starting to drop as winter starts to approach and nothing beats warming up with a good pot of hot Tteokbokki to share with your family and friends! We found this gem while we were venturing around the Samcheong-dong area when we found the famous restaurant, Mukshidonna Tteokbokki at Anguk-Dong!


It was evident that the place was popular with families and locals as most of the tables in the restaurants were already filled. Thankfully, we managed to get a spot for ourselves to try out the famous pot of Tteokbokki that everyone has been raving about.

What I really like about this Mukshidonna Tteokbokki is that you’re given the option to choose whatever you’d like to put in your stew! Aside from the same base stock that’s used for every stew, you can opt to add in ingredients varying from seafood, chicken, pork and many more from the menu. This time, we ordered seafood mixed with ramyeon noodles and cheese to top it all off.


Another plus point from this meal is that it’s really reasonably priced! The meal cost us at least 10,000W: Seafood(4,500W), Cheese(4,500W) and Ramyun(1,000W) which is a really good deal for a stew like this at Mukshidonna.


To accompany our meal, we also tried out the peach drink that they had. It was a nice touch that went along well with the savoury meal.

Overall, I would definitely recommend bringing your family and friends along to Mukshidonna Tteokbokki because it really is a meal that’s definitely worth going for. It also made me feel like I was having a homemade meal in Korea especially with Mukshidonna’s humble settings that made me really comfortable.

There are a few Mukshidonna Tteokbokki outlets in Seoul, Anguk-Dong being their first outlet, followed by the others found at Hongdae and Myeong-dong!

[Seoul] Mukshidonna Restaurant



A foodie at heart with a passion for videography, Shazrina is born and raised in Singapore with a strong love for anything Korean. This die-hard shopaholic has a strong desire to travel and explore the world, nothing can stop this adrenaline junkie from trying out new things. She loves watching YouTube videos and video editing of all sorts. Check out her Instagram @kimikoshaz to lookout where she’s heading off to next!

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