In Bangkok, weekends are usually reserved for the famous Chatuchak (JJ) Weekend Market. You can never finish shopping the whole of Chatuchak Market because it’s just so huge. Always keep yourself hydrated as it can be very tiring shopping under the hot sun especially in the afternoons.

Coming to Chatuchak, you definitely got to keep yourself and your stomach happy by having some good food and drinks. Here are some of the MUST EAT & MUST DRINK  which is unique to Chatuchak and I personally think that you should really TRY it. Forget about having a full meal, just grab these delicious bites while shopping. The current recommendations is at 15 but this list will keep increasing as I return to source for more interesting bites.

1. Coconut Ice Cream


If I can only eat one item from Chatuchak, it will definitely be Coconut Ice Cream. Trust me, you really need this to  cool down  your body.  For 35 baht, you get  refreshing, rich and soft  coconut ice cream,  slices of  coconut flesh,  2 toppings  of your choice and a  complimentary cup of  fresh coconut juice, a much needed thirst quencher when shopping under the intense heat.


There are several stalls selling Coconut Ice Cream but the one I’m  recommending is served in a  coconut husk.  You should be able to spot this stall easily as it is always crowded. They can be spotted with big green umbrellas and coconut husk hanging around.


Below is a different stall selling Coconut Ice Cream. This one offers unlimited toppings but try it at your own risk.


Price > 60฿
Where > Entrance of Section 2, near Kamphaeng Phet MRT station (Main shop)

2. Grilled Honey Roast Pork (Moo Yang)


This is a hidden shop inside Chatuchak Weekend Market.  The best honey roasted pork chop I have ever eaten. All the flavours are retained in the meat, making it sweet, soft and tender. You can even order a bun to go with it.


Price > 45฿ for 100g
Where >  Section 22, Soi 4

3. Garlic Bread from Hello Garlic


Soft and fresh garlic and butter bread on sticks! If you want sweet options, they also have it! So pillowy soft on the inside and lightly crisp on the outside. Aroi Mak!


Price > 20฿ for 1 stick
Where > Entrance of Section 2, near Kamphaeng Phet MRT station

4. Noodle Soup with Chicken


Flavourful herbal soup with tender braised chicken together with soft noodle makes a perfect lunch at Chatuchak.


Price > 50฿
Where > Section 21, Soi 29 facing Soi 47

5. Ice Stick

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Seen this before? Ever wondered what’s inside? It’s actually ice sticks made from your favourite drinks such as Miranda, Coke, Sprite, Thai Ice Tea, etc. If you need something to cool down, try this!


Price > 4฿ for 1 stick, 10฿ for 3 sticks
Where >  In the middle vicinity of Clock Tower

6. Choconana


This is basically frozen banana coated with chocolate and nuts/sweets. The banana is hard, so you will need quite some time to finish eating this. It’s an interesting way of eating bananas.

Price > 35฿ onwards
Where >  Along the side roads of Chatuchak

7. Red Ruby


This is another good dessert to cool yourself down. If you don’t know what red ruby is, it’s actually crunchy  water chestnuts in glutinous rice flour. Red Ruby is one of the popular thai desserts around.

Price > 35฿  
Where >  Section 26, in between Soi 1 & 2

8. Paella

chatuchakmarket_paella Want something else other than Thai food? In Chatuchak, you can find a spanish guy selling Paella, dancing to the tunes of the restaurant while preparing / cooking the paella. The combination of food, music, drinks, entertainment and overall ambience is just great!

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Price > 150฿
Where >  Section 8

9. Toasted Bread Snack @ Triple D Bakery

Don’t under estimate this toasted bread snack. This bread comes with garlic or butter and are toasted till they are crispy. It is very addictive especially when you reach the centre portion and it is a little soft. Many tourists like to buy this back as gifts for friends and families.


Price > 40฿ (small),  60฿ (big)  
Where > Triple D  Bakery, Section 4,  Soi 48

10. Orange Juice


Need some special thirst  quencher? Get this delicious and sweet, freshly squeezed orange juice!

Price >  30฿ (small),  60฿ (big)
Where >  Along the side roads of Chatuchak

11. Grass Jelly


You are so spoilt for choices for drinks in Chatuchak. Or perhaps you might be able to drink all the different options  because you will be  so thirsty. What I like about this grass jelly is that they add an additional scoop of sugar on top of it. Interesting taste and feel when drinking it.

Price >  35฿
Where >  Along the side roads of Chatuchak

12. Mango Desserts


Think Mango Tango. They sell everything Mango here so if you are craving for some mangos, enjoy the alfresco dessert dining here!

Price > from  39฿
Where >  Along the side roads of Chatuchak

13. Ice Manias


I like to call this Instant Ice Cream, because the ice cream is made freshly on the spot when you order.  You can choose your ice cream flavour, toppings and syrup.

Price > from  59฿
Where >  Along the side roads of Chatuchak

14. Teh Tarik


This tea is not Cha Yen but Teh Tarik. The tea is being “pulled” during preparation and at the same time, you can enjoy the short “performance”.

Price > 35฿
Where >  Entrance of Section 2, near Kamphaeng Phet MRT station

15. Coconut


The land of coconuts. You won’t go wrong drinking Coconut in Thailand because it’s where our neighbouring countries get them from too. A good thirst quencher with lots of health benefits.

Price > 40฿
Where >  Entrance of Chatuchak Market

Here is a map of Chatuchak if you need it. Happy eating while shopping at Chatuchak (JJ) Weekend Market!  :)


If you have a new place that you think should be added here, feel free to drop a comment below!:)