If you’re riding on the Korean Wave or if you just love Korean Food in general, check out these 15 Must-Eat and Try  food in Seoul! From savoury to sweet, these dishes are  definitely  Neomu Mashisoyo (Very tasty) !



Fried Chicken and Beer? A match made in heaven indeed! This also  explains why you can find so many  Fried Chicken chains at every corner  in Seoul. Fried on the spot and served hot, this local favourite  is a great go-to if you’re looking to catch up with your friends over a nice casual dinner and some beer  in the evening.


Making the meal a little more savoury, a plate of white pickled radish is served together to complement the taste of the fried chicken. This is a common tradition by Koreans done in many restaurants across the country.

Where? > BHC Chicken – Hongdae / Hanchu Fried Chicken



As the year end draws closer  and temperatures in Seoul start to fall,  there’s nothing like a good bowl of porridge to keep your body warm in the cold.


A popular favourite to consider trying would be the Abalone Porridge. Served in a relatively big portion, this bowl of porridge will  keep your tummy filled for a meal or two, proving the meal  to be well worth the buck. A great choice if you’re looking for a filling meal that you can have at any time of the day!


If you prefer something spicy, you can also opt for the Hot Octopus Kimchi Porridge which tastes absolutely heavenly. This flavourful bowl of goodness will  leave a great impression on you, you’d probably be craving for more!


It comes as a set with side dishes such as Kimchi, Marinated Beef, Chilli Paste and Radish.They  are meant to bring out the flavours of the porridge when mixed together. It also comes along with a cup of sweet tea which adds a sweet note  to the  savoury meal.

Where? > Bonjuk Porridge



Locals and tourists alike frequent this place often for its ever-so-popular dish, the Grilled Mackerel. This simple dish have won the hearts of many for its crispy texture that tastes great when eaten with the sauces provided or just by itself!

Where? > Gosami – Sinchon



If you’re travelling to Korea, there’s no way you can leave the country without trying some authentic Korean Barbecue especially if it’s from the country of origin!


This restaurant in particular, specialises in Beef BBQ.With  a  full list of  meats to  choose from, the different  sections of the meat has a variety of flavours and textures. A section of the meat to note is the one in between the fats and the muscle. That is the  best part.


The fresh, juicy and tender premium beef slices that are cooked over the charcoal BBQ really does bring out the smoky flavour of the meat and  make it even more flavourful and delicious.

Where? >  Doma 도마 – Hongdae



Koreans  love their coffees, especially  the Iced Americano. Espresso shots mixed with water and served over ice, this cup of coffee will  fire up your engine with its strong flavour that’s filled with depth and high levels of caffeine.

Where?> Paik’s Coffee



It’s always so hard to resist a good cup of icy goodness when you’re out battling the  sweltering heat in  the hot summer months. Take it slow and chill out with a cup of Injeolmi Ice Cream.

The Ice Balls are made up of an Inejolmi Centre that’s really sweet and chewy.


Another option would be their soft serve that has a strong milky taste  with a nutty hint to it. Comes with honey, pumpkin, nuts and their Injeolmi ice ball.

Where? > Songbook – Hongdae



If you’d like to have a taste of what a true and authentic dish from Korea tastes like, try out Kaan Jajangmyeon!


Unlike the normal Jajangmyeon that everyone knows about, the Kaan Jajangmyeon is prepared individually. Each portion of sauce is made upon order unlike the normal Jajangmyeon where the shops will usually prepare a whole pot of sauce to just pour over it. The black bean paste of Kaan Jajangmyeon will definitely be more intense!

Where? > Songlim Panchom 송림반점 – Incheon



Sannakji also known as Live Octopus, is a dish that’s definitely not for the faint hearted. The live catch tastes great when dipped in soy sauce. However, these suckers are pretty stubborn and will cling onto  the plate, so be a little patient with your chopsticks.

Overall, it’s still a great experience that’s well-worth going through for the adventurous. Check out our live octopus experience!

Where? > Wolmido Island – Incheon /  Noryangjin Fish Market


Traditional Teahouses can still be found in Seoul despite its modern settings. Made out of different herbs, these traditional teas offer many health benefits for ailments of all sorts. You can opt for it to be  served over ice or hot just as it is.


The Jujube Tea offers health benefits for those suffering from Insomnia, Anxiety and helps with Constipation.


The Mulberry Tea on the other hand, contains minerals and antioxidants, lowers blood glucose levels, reduces bad cholesterol and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Taste can be a bit subjective depending on the teas that you order, so it’s worth  trying if you have a  curious palate.

Where? > 47th Avenue Tea House or  Moon Bird Thinks of Only The Moon



Tteokbokki also known as Spicy Rice Cake is a national favourite in Korea and can be easily found in the streets of Seoul. This dish goes well with Ramyeon and comes in many forms.


Another dish that’s perfect for the winter  season, the Tteokbokki  mixes well with lots of flavours. Here, we tried  a combination  of Seafood and Cheese with Tteokbokki. Neomu Mashisoyo!

Where? > Mukshidonna Tteokbokki – Samcheongdong



Food always tastes better with cheese! These tender  chicken slices are very well marinated and are  cooked right before your eyes.  You can also opt to have the Chicken  Galbi with a mixture of seafood too. There’s also Tteokbokki of different flavours such as  plain, cheese and sweet potato. Also, try dipping it with  the melted cheese for some cheesy goodness! Yummy!

Where? > Yoogane – Myeongdong



Andong Jjimdak is a braised chicken dish that’s mixed with spicy soy-based sauce. On top of that, it has glass noodles and slices of potato that makes the dish even more scrumptious. The soy-based sauce tastes a bit sweet and spicy and  goes surprisingly well with the chicken and noodles. However, it can be a bit difficult to pick the noodles with your chopsticks, hence, this is also another dish which requires a lot of patience!

Where? > Andong Jjimdak – Ewha Womens University

#13 – PANCAKES  


Kick  start your day with some pancakes!  Your morning fix just got a whole lot better with these stacks of Nutella pancakes. Top it off with a classic scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream and Maple Syrup. These pancakes are so sinfully good!

It can be a bit too sweet so it’s best to balance your tastebuds  out with a cup of bitter Cold Brew.

Where? > The Pancake Epidemic – Gangnam



Samgyetang, or also known as Ginseng Chicken, consists of a whole chicken that’s filled with glutinous rice and herbs that brings out rich and herbal  flavours to the dish. This popular traditional dish is filling and is the perfect remedy if you’re feeling sick or exhausted as it provides you with the right nutrients to recharge your body from a whole day’s worth of shopping around Seoul!

Where? >  Tosokchon  Samgyetang

#15 – GIMBAP  


Gimbap makes a good light meal or snack. It is filled with rice and various ingredients such as cucumber, carrot and radish before rolled with gim (seaweed roll). Some shops includes filling such as meat. If you like eating sushi roll, you got to try this too!

Where? >  Gwangjang Market

There are definitely more food that you should try and we will add it in progressively. Meanwhile, have fun enjoying these 15 recommendations!