Harajuku is one of the best places for street shopping in Tokyo, especially along Takeshita Street, located just outside JR Line Harajuku Station. It’s where fashion and culture meets.

Other than shopping, you can find cafes and lots of street food! The wide array of choices can make you quite indecisive in terms of what to try. No worries, we have tried them and shortlisted 10 items  for you to try. Presenting to you the 10 Must Eat Food in Harajuku / Omotesando!

#1 Crepes


If there’s only one thing you can eat in Harajuku, this will be it – Crepes! As you walk along  Takeshita Street, you will notice many shops on  both sides selling crepes with lots of different flavours for you to choose from.

Location: Along  Takeshita Street

#2 Calbee+ Potato Chips


Everyone loves eating potato chips, especially when we were younger.  Right here at Calbee+, you literally get freshly made potato chips or potato snacks fried in front on you! One of the popular flavours that I see the most ordered is Maple syrup with sour cream, which is the one in the picture.

Location: Along  Takeshita Street

#3  Croquant Chou ZakuZaku


This cream puff originates from Hokkaido and you can actually see many teenagers holding this and enjoying it while shopping. Traditional cream puffs are usually round and flat while this is different since it’s long and thinner, making it easier to eat without dirtying your hands or mouth. Expect a queue but know that it clears quite fast.

Location: Along  Takeshita Street

#4 Gindaco Takoyaki


Gindaco serves one of the best Takoyaki in town and seeing it, I could not resist ordering  it. I like its crisp exterior and soft filling. It is just so satisfying eating this in the cold.

Location: See Map

#5 Pablo Cheese Tart


Located just 3 minutes walk from Gindaco Takoyaki is Pablo Cafe where they serve one of Japan’s  best cheese tart. The thing I like about this Pablo is that there are seatings available and you can sit down to enjoy the cheese tart in comfort.

Location:  See Map

#6 Cotton Candy


In the midst of Takeshita Street, you can see a group of sweets lovers gathering outside Family Mart enjoying their cotton candy. You won’t miss it because you can smell a hint of the sweetness around.

Location: Along  Takeshita Street

#7 Cheese Sticks


If all the above is not enough to fill your stomach and you need something else to bite, try this cheese stick from one of Tokyo’s most popular fast food chain – Lotteria.

Location: Along  Takeshita Street

#8 Luke’s Lobster Roll


Luke’s Lobster originates from New York but long queues are seen right here at Harajuku! Everybody (both locals and tourists) want to have a taste of the famous Luke Lobster. The lobster meat was thick and I love the sweetness of it. Pair it together with a soft buttered bun, this makes a perfect snack or meal at any time of the day!

Location:  [Refer to post]

#9  Harajuku Gyoza  Lou


One of the best or probably the best Grilled Gyoza in Tokyo! My first bite of this gyoza was heavenly, perfect! Each plate comes with 6 pieces of of addictive gyoza. Don’t think of sharing this plate gyoza because I won’t share, I could  easily finish this by myself.

Location:  [Refer to post]

#10  Frozen S’mores from Dominique Ansel Bakery  [CLOSED]


Another foreign joint from New York attracting crowds is Dominique Ansel Bakery. People flock here for the famous Frozen S’mores and Cookie Shot! If you have a sweet tooth, this is something you should not miss!

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