Summer is coming to Seoul! If you are visiting Seoul during the period of June to August, there are lots of choices for you to cool down from the heat. Ice-cream is definitely one of the best choices. Let me introduce you some nice places to go for a good cone of ice-cream in Seoul!

#1 Bora

Bora  is located right at the back of Seoul’s Hanok Village. They specialize in desserts using Sweet Potato (Goguma). Their best seller is Goguma Ice Cream which costs only 4,500 won. Sweet Potato Bingsu is another popular item  for Summer. They also sell Goguma Traditional Korean porridge and Goguma macaron as well! However, if you are not a fan of Goguma, they also have Green Tea ,Pat Bingsu (Korean Traditional Redbean Bingsu) and Milk Soft Cream!

This lovely purple ice-cream is their bestseller. The taste is very nice and the texture is so soft. Although it is Goguma ice cream, it still tastes very nice and does not taste like vegetable at all!

This cafe is a very good little hideaway from the heat when you visit the Hanok Village. They decor of white tones in the shop makes you feel even more relaxed when enjoying the ice cream.


Where >  Hanok Village, Seoul (Anguk Station)

#2  Soft Tree

Soft Tree  is located very close to cafe “Bora”. They specialize in Milk Ice Cream with various toppings. The most popular one is the Honey Comb. They also have Injeolmi Topping (Korean Soy Bean Powder), Chocolate, Caramel and much more.  The price starts from 5,000 won.

My favorite is the “Magic Lamp” or the Injeolmi Caramel. It  is not so sweet because there’s a combination of  sweetness from the caramel and saltiness from the Injeolmi powder.


Where >  Hanok Village, Seoul (Anguk Station)

#3  Duyu

Duyu  is famous for their soya ice cream. They are well known for  its smoothness and the deepness in its flavor. Since this department store is really close to my university. I decided to go and try.

The store has a varieties of soy bean products such as drinks from soybean and desserts. They also have products from milk. The price for ice cream is also only 3,500 won which is totally worth it compared with the quality that you will get. The portion is also very big!


Where >  Hyundai Department Store, Sinchon Branch, B2

#4  Street Churro

Street Churro is a famous churro stand in Seoul. You can find it easily in many popular / trendy places. They have many items on the menu  ranging from plain churro to churro with ice cream or coffee! Churro here is freshly made. The staff will make it for you right after you order and make sure that you will get the finest quality churro that is hot and freshly made from the kitchen!

The churro sugar coating here also tastes really nice as it is not too sweet and also not too plain. The price for a single churro starts from 3,000 won and the ice cream starts  from 4,500 won.


Where >  Behind Hyundai Department Store, Sinchon Station

#5  Paik’s Coffee – Walnut Soft Cream

This shop is well known for its extremely cheap price but very high quality and tasty treats. You can find it in almost every corner of Seoul.

The best seller here  is Walnut Soft cream. The smooth and milkiness of the soft cream gets along very well with the crunchiness of walnuts and cereals. They also added some caramel syrup give it a little savoury taste.  The price is also very cheap at just 3,000 won!


Where >  Sinchon Station

#6  Coco Bruni

Coco Bruni is a very great place to chill out with friends! The cafe is decorated with white-themed furniture. This cafe can also be found around Seoul such as in Seoul Hanok Village. The well-known item  of this cafe is their seasonal bingsu. They will use seasonal fruits to make bingsus for you!

The other well-known menu from this cafe is its “Salted Caramel Soft Cream”. The salt taste is quite strong but it really goes along well with the sweet chocolate shell that covers the ice cream. The caramel inside the ice cream makes this dessert even  superb! It’s just  only 4,800 won!


Where >  Hongdae Station Exit 8

#7  Kiss the Tiramisu

This is one of the most  famous ice-cream in Seoul! It is like a landmark that everybody has to try when they arrive in Seoul. There are 2 branches in Hongdae. The ice-cream was so good that you have to go back and have it one more time! They put some cocoa powder, mascapone cheese, coffee beans and milk soft cream.

The combination of these 4 items make the tiramisu taste intense. This  is also an insta-worthy item. This is one of the very best ice-creams in Seoul. Trust me, try it and you will love this! The price of this is  4,500 won.


Where >  Hongdae Station Exit 9

#8  Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is a famous ice cream parlour all around the world. But what is special about Baskin Robbins in Korea is that they always have flavor of the month according to the local fads such as famous movie at that time or famous series at that time.

When you order the flavor of the month combined with another flavor, the price will be discounted to only 3,300 won! It is also fun to try new things every month and they never fail to excite you!


Where >  Around Seoul

#9  Osulloc

Osulloc is the best green tea brand from Jeju island. Their green tea is very famous because of the deepness of its flavor and the product’s organic making process. They always have new ice-cream menu out and most of them are seasonal. They serve their original soft cream all year long.

The one that I would like to recommend is the green tea ice cream sandwich. Even the sandwich shells are made from green tea. The taste is just delicious. The shells  are crispy on the outside and really soft on the inside. The ice cream was  also not too sweet and the taste and smell of green tea is very strong. If you are a green tea lover, this cafe is the  right choice for you!


Where >  Anguk Station, Insadong, Opposite Ssamzigil

#10  Waffle Ice Cream

Waffle and ice cream is the  perfect combination of all time. At Sinchon station, you can find many stores selling waffles as street food. They also have an alternative waffle menu which is waffle with fresh cream. The price starts from only 1,500 won.

They offer you more than 12 choices of fresh cream such as banana, blueberry and even cheese flavor. You also have more than 8 choices of ice cream such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and blueberry. It is truly a good treat for a hot summer day!


Where >  Sinchon Station

If you have a chance to visit Seoul, go try these ice creams  and share with us your opinions!