Tsukiji Outer Market is the place to be, if you love street food! It is probably one of the few places in Tokyo where you can find street food. The amount of street food here is just insane and you can actually have your lunch settled just by street food alone!

Presenting to you, the 10 Must Eat in Tsukiji Outer Market!



#1 Tamago


Tamago is basically Japanese Rolled Omelette. There were at least 4 to 5 shops selling Tamago but you can easily see which one is popular just from the queues. I did try a few of them and found my favourite to be the one from  Takeshi  (玉子焼丸武).


Each Tamago costs  100 ¥ and Tsukiji Market is probably the only place where you can eat fresh Tamago!


#2 Croissants


As you walk along Tsukiji Market, you will see a long queue at a  bakery from which the most amazing smell is wafting. Make sure you join the queue and get some of this! You won’t regret if you love fresh bread!


#3 Strawberry Daifuku


Daifuku  is a popular traditional Japanese sweet and it comes with different fillings. It is actually mochi with red bean paste, together will one full strawberry. Other than red bean paste, they also have different varieties of fillings. Eating this soft mochi together with the fresh strawberry is simply blissful.

#4 Grilled Giant Scallop


I saw many tourists eating this and I had to get it. It is actually a giant scallop filled with many other types of seafood in it. You can find scallop, oyster, uni sea urchin and cod sperm.

It is first grilled over charcoal and then torched before it is handed over to you. Might not be extremely delicious but definitely worth a try.


#5 Grilled Scallops


If the earlier scallop was too much for you, then this would be suitable for you. The scallops are on sticks and definitely easier to manage.

#6  Matcha Ice Cream


Even though the weather is cold in Tokyo, I still had to get this! The matcha ice cream was delicious and the biscuit cone was fresh. Eating ice cream in the cold weather is really something you should try!


#7  Sanoki-ya


This shop actually sells Taiyaki, in a shape of tuna. It is filled with red bean and they have choices of both soft and crispy. I went for the popular crispy one since most of the taiyaki found are usually soft. It was delicious. Even though the wait was about 20 minutes, it was worth it!


#8 Fried Corn Fritters


You won’t go wrong eating corn in Japan because they are so sweet that you can even eat it fresh. And since most of us like fried stuff, the combination of fried corn definitely works well.

#9 Onigiri


If you love rice balls, you have to get it at Onigiri-ya Marutoyo. It is handmade and they have a large selection of flavours and choices. I didn’t have a chance to try it. Just look at the amount of food I ate before this!

#10 Ramen


This is the most popular Ramen stall in Tsukiji Outer Market. They serve tokyo style ramen (shoyu). It is a light and well flavoured broth consisting of chicken and pork. The queue is insane, there are no seats and you just have to eat it standing together with the crowds.

This sums up the 10 Must Eat in Tsukiji Outer Market. There’s a lot  more to explore in this market and there are also many other items which you can buy back. Just take a look below!



Katsuobushi is actually dried shaved bonito flakes and you usually eat this when you order Takoyaki. It also makes a good snack and a good side to go with your porridge.


More dried food!


Want to get some green tea home? You can sample the tea before purchasing.


Freshly cut fish!


These are more for the locals to  buy back to cook.



Some nice souvenirs.


These strawberries are so beautiful!


Want to have  Japanese style dining in your own home?


Even though it’s open from 5am, the best time to visit is from 9am – 2pm. Do take note that they are closed on Sundays and some Wednesdays. So the best is to avoid these 2 days.

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