One of the “Must-Go” in Bangkok is definitely to visit Night Markets (Shopping) as listed in my 15 Must-Go in Bangkok. The energy and vibe of night markets in Bangkok are just so different and you really have to experience it for yourself! Night markets of all sorts are available. You can choose to relax and visit those near your hotel, or take the long route to soak into the atmosphere of other popular ones – many with their own unique themes.

Unfortunately, a few well-known night markets have closed, partly due to Covid-19, but others have popped up as well to fill the voids. We have updated this list in November 2022 so that you can better decide which to visit.

*Note: We have removed night markets which have closed permanently.

Check out this video featuring Wilber’s top 5 favourite night markets:

#1  The One Ratchada

The One Ratchada Night Market just opened at the former site of Talad Rot Fai Ratchada behind The Esplanade Mall, accessible from MRT Thailand Cultural Centre station (Exit 3). It is run by a different management, hence do not expect it to be identical to its predecessor. Comparing to Talad Rot Fai Ratchada, I will say The One Ratchada feels more modern. Palm trees create a holiday vibe, and there are seats in the middle and back of the night market, so you don’t have to worry about not having somewhere to sit to enjoy the food purchased from different stalls. Read more…

Where >  Thailand Cultural Centre (Exit 3)
Operating Hours >  Daily, 1700 – 2400 hrs

#2  Talad Rot Fai 1 (Srinakarin)


If I can only visit one mega-night market in Bangkok, this will be it. Talad Rot Fai (Train Market) was previously located at Kamphaeng Phet but it has relocated to Srinakarin Soi 51, which is next to Seacon Square Shopping Mall. If you like vintage items and antiques, you will definitely love this place. Talad Rot Fai does not only attract the city’s stylish hipsters but all age groups from all walks of life, locals and tourists alike. It is a popular hangout area for friends and families. Read more…

Where > BTS Udom Suk (transfer via taxi/Grab)
Operating Hours > Thursday to Sunday, 1700 – 0100 hrs

#3  Jodd Fairs


Previously known as Talad Rot Fai Ratchada, Bangkok’s popular train night market has been rebranded to “Jodd Fairs”. It is now conveniently located behind Central Plaza Grand Rama 9, which is just a 5-minute walk from Phra Ram 9 MRT Station. Home to over 600 stalls, with some familiar shops from Talad Rot Fai Ratchada and others new, Jodd Fairs remains one of the best night bazaars to indulge in local street food and shop for affordable yet trendy fashion apparel. Even though it’s open from 11am, we recommend you to visit after 5pm for a better experience. Read more…

Where >  MRT Phra Ram 9 (Exit 2)
Operating Hours >  Daily, 1100 – 2400 hrs

#4 Green Vintage Ratchada

Green Vintage Ratchada is a relatively new night market which is accessible from town. Located just outside The Street Ratchada along Ratchadaphisek Road, it’s only a 10 mins drive away from Jodd Fairs and 5 mins drive away from The One Ratchada. At Green Vintage Ratchada, you can find over 100 specialty stalls selling everything from clothes, accessories, vintage items to scrumptious food, all at affordable prices.

Where > MRT Thailand Cultural Center (Exit 4)
Operating Hours > Daily, 1500 – 2400 hrs

#5  Hua Mum Night Market


This is a hidden gem– Hua Mum Night Market! Be prepared to be the only non-local there because only locals around this area know about this market. During our time there, I didn’t see any foreigners at all. It is located opposite The Walk Kaset-Nawamin, which is not directly accessible via BTS. However, you can save on taxi fares by dropping off at Lad Phrao station which is nearest to the market. Read more…

Where > Kaset-Nawamin Rd
Operating Hours > Daily, 1800 – 2400 hrs

#6  JJ Green 2


Previously, JJ Green was located just behind Chatuchak Weekend Market. However, do take note that JJ Green 2 is now situated near Soi Prachachuen 10. It is a bustling night market that has over 120 shops that range from fashion to food. With a vintage vibe, JJ Green 2 is the ideal place for visitors to find hidden gems that are not commonly found in modern shops, such as retro cameras and trendy clothing from the 90s. If you travel further down to the zones at the back, you’ll be able to find a myriad of stalls selling local street food such as Khanom Babin (Ayutthaya Thai dessert), Khanom Krok Baitoey (Thai kueh) and many more. Read more…


Where > Soi Prachachuen 10 (via Grab)
Operating Hours > Thursday to Sunday, 1700 – 2400 hrs

#7 Owl Night Market (Talad Nok Hook)


Owl Night Market is one of the biggest and most popular night markets in Nonthaburi. With a carnival-like atmosphere, it is a quirky flea market with many hidden gems, ranging from fashion to home decorations. Compared to other night markets in Bangkok, the items sold here are also cheaper. Although it opens at 4pm, visitors are advised to come after 7pm since most of the stalls will be set up by then. You can’t find “Owl Night Market” on Grab but you either use “Nok Hook Flea Market” or copy this Thai name to book the ride – ‘ตลาดนกฮูก เลี่ยงเมืองนนท์’.

Where > MRT Yaek Nonthaburi 1 (Purple line)
Operating Hours > Daily, 1600 – 2400 hrs

#8 Indy Market


Indy Market is catered to the locals living around Thonburi, so don’t expect to see many tourists here, at least for now. There are about 500 stalls selling fashion, crafts and food. If you miss the vibes of the former Talad Rot Fai Ratchada, this is the place to visit because apart from the usual stalls, there are containers where you can chill over some food and drinks. Read more…

Where > Dao Kanong, Thanon Suk Sawat
Operating Hours > Daily, 1700 – 2400 hrs

#9 Liab Duan Night Market


Liab Duan is another night market more popular with the locals because of its location. While it may not be easily accessible for tourists, fans of night markets still make their way here to check it out. You will expect the vibe and the variety of shops to be similar to that of Hua Mum Night Market. Although Liab Duan is open daily, some shop owners may want to take a day off to rest on Monday. So if you intend to visit on Monday, do lower your expectations.

Where > Ramintra, Pradit Manutham Road
Operating Hours > Daily, 1700 – 0200 hrs

#10 Asiatique (Only F&B outlets open)


Asiatique used to be the most popular night market in Bangkok which every tourist will visit at least once. It’s like a night version of Chatuchak Weekend Market but much more spacious, airy and beautiful, making shopping here a breeze. It’s a good place to chill over some food and beer by the river. After the resumption of tourism, most restaurants at Asiatique have reopened. However, shopping options are limited as many have not resumed operations yet since closures caused by COVID-19. The best way to come here without the jams is to take the free shuttle boat from BTS Saphan Taksin. You can take this chance to experience taking a boat along the Chao Phraya River too! Read more…

Where >  BTS Saphan Taksin (Exit 2) and transfer via Asiatique Shuttle Boat
Operating Hours >  Daily, 1700 – 2400 hrs

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