Updated: April 2021

One of the “Must-Go” in Bangkok is definitely to visit Night Markets (Shopping) as listed in my 15 Must-Go & Do in Bangkok. The energy and vibe of night markets in Bangkok are just so different and you really got to experience it for yourself! Night markets of all sorts are available. You can choose to go to those near your hotels or those that are themed, like vintage ones. There will definitely be one that will suit you.

There are many night markets around, both permanent and pop-up. We updated this list in April 2021 and segmented them so that you can better decide which to visit. You might also want to check out this post to save even more money!

*Note: We have removed Siam Square, Saphan Phut Night Market, Suan Lum Night Bazaar Ratchadaphisek, Talad Rot Fai Kaset-Nawamin and Artbox due to closure reasons.*


#1  Talad Rot Fai 1 (Srinakarin)


If I can only visit one mega-night market in Bangkok, this will be it. Talad Rot Fai  (Train Market) was previously located at Kamphaeng Phet but it is has relocated. It is currently located at Srinakarin Soi 51, which is next to Seacon Square Mega Shopping Mall. If you like vintage items and antiques, you will definitely love this place. Talad Rot Fai does not only attract the city’s stylish hipsters but all age groups as well. It is a popular hangout area for friends and families.  Read more…

Where >  BTS Udom Suk (transfer via taxi)
Operating Hours >  Thursday to Sunday, 1700 – 0100 hrs

#2  Talad Rot Fai 2 (Ratchada) [CLOSED]


Talad Rot Fai Ratchada is the smaller version of Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin. Although it is smaller, the good part is its location. It’s nearer to the city and is accessible via MRT (Thailand Cultural Center). They are located just behind Esplanade Shopping Mall.  Talad Rot Fai Ratchada opens daily now. For the best experience, definitely, visit on a weekend.

If you are lazy to travel far and have a tight schedule, this is a good option to visit. Read more…

Where >  MRT Thailand Cultural Center (Exit 3)
Operating Hours >  Daily, 1700 – 0100 hrs

#3 ArtBox Bangkok [CLOSED]

ArtBox Bangkok is the latest kind of Night Market to hit Bangkok! The concept is indeed very special and unique to Bangkok. Instead of the usual tentages, this night market uses containers and the vibe here is totally different from the other night markets. Over here, they are many stalls operated by young entrepreneurs and of course, it also attracts the younger crowd. Don’t be surprised to see them taking lots of photos, selfies and wefies.


Artbox finally got its permanent home after running around different locations for several years. They are now settled at Chuvit Gardens, Sukhumvit Soi 10, just next to Nana BTS Station. From Nana BTS Station, go through Exit 3 on the sheltered overhead bridge and you will arrive at Artbox in less than 3mins. Read more…


Where > Chuvit Gardens, Sukhumvit Soi 10 (Next to Nana BTS Station)
Operating Hours > 1700 – 2400 hrs

#4  Talad Neon [CLOSED]


A new night market just opened in the popular district of Pratunam! Talad Neon is located beside The Palladium / Berkeley Hotel, opposite of the famous Kaiton Chicken Rice and diagonally opposite Novotel Platinum Hotel / The Platinum Fashion Mall.

Talad Neon is now open daily in the evening from (4pm – 12am). With its location, I’m very sure it will be one of the most popular night markets in Bangkok soon. Read more…

Where >  Pratunam (via taxi)
Operating Hours  > Daily, 1600 – 2400 hrs  (as of Oct 2017)

#5 Pratunam (Palladium Night Market) [CLOSED]


Pratunam is the most well-known shopping district in Bangkok and hence you can find many hotels and street food around here for your convenience. The only drawback is the lack of trains (BTS) in Pratunam but this does not seem to affect many tourists as  many Singaporeans still like to stay in this area for the convenience of shopping and street food.  Platinum Fashion Mall and the street markets opposite at Pratunam Market close at 8pm but there are still many places to shop around Pratunam!

If Talad Neon is insufficient, no worries because you can more street vendors outside The Palladium, Watergate Pavilion and Baiyoke areas.  Read more…

Where >  Pratunam (via taxi)
Operating Hours  >  Tuesday to Sunday, 1900 – 2300 hrs

#6 Asiatique The Riverfront


Asiatique is currently the most popular night market in Bangkok which every tourist will visit at least once. It’s like a night version of Chatuchak Weekend Market but much more spacious, airy and beautiful, making shopping here a breeze. Other than hitting the shops, don’t miss out on The Calypso Show or Muay Thai Live! It’s a good place to chill over some food and beer by the river. The best way to come here without the jams is to take the free shuttle boat from BTS Saphan Taksin. You can take this chance to experience taking a boat along the Chao Phraya River too! Read more…

Where >  BTS Saphan Taksin (Exit 2) and transfer via Asiatique Shuttle Boat
Operating Hours >  Daily, 1700 – 2400 hrs

#7  Hua Mum Night Market


This is a hidden night market – Hua Mum Night Market! Be prepared to be the only non-local there because only locals around this area will know about this market. During our time there, I didn’t see any foreigners there though. They are also located opposite The Walk Kaset-Nawamin. It’s not accessible via BTS but if you want to save on taxi fare, the nearest would be Lad Phrao station. Read more…

Where >  Kaset-Nawamin Rd (via taxi)
Operating Hours >  Daily, 1700 – 2400 hrs

#8 Liab Duan Night Market


Liab Duan is another night market more popular with the locals because of the location. While it might not be accessible for tourists, fans of night markets still make their way here to check it out. You will expect the vibe and the variety of shops to be similar to that of Hua Mum Night Market. Although Liab Duan is open daily, do note that some shop owners may want to take a day off to rest on Monday. So if you intend to visit on Monday, do lower your expectations.

Where >  Ramintra,  Pradit Manutham Road  (via taxi)
Operating Hours > Daily, 1700 – 0200 hrs

#9 Chatuchak Friday Night Market


Many readers have asked if Chatuchak Weekend Market is open on Friday nights. Yes, it is open but my advice is to go down from 10pm onwards. Not the whole market is open as per what you see on weekends. The inner lanes (soi) are closed but the road where cars try to squeeze their way through,  they are open. I prefer to call it Chatuchak Street Friday Night Market.  Read more…

Where >  BTS Mo Chit or MRT Kamphaeng Phet / Chatuchak Park
Operating Hours >  Friday, 2200 hrs –  late

#10 The Camp Vintage Flea Market [CLOSED]


After the closure of JJ Green night market, the next nearest night market is The Camp Vintage Flea Market. If you are here on Friday night, you can actually visit  The Camp Vintage  Flea Market first before going over to Chatuchak Night Market after 10pm. It’s quite a small night market for you to explore and most locals come here for the food or just to chill.

Where >  MRT Kamphaeng Phet station (Exit 1)
Operating Hours >  Tuesday to Sunday, 1500 – 2400 hrs

#11 Khao San


Khao San is probably one of the most popular night markets which most would know. Khao San is a backpacker’s area with many budget hostels but it’s a very lively place. You will get to see lots of tourists just chilling and enjoying themselves. There are also many pubs around, for people who are looking to party or just chill. You can have a massage, do some shopping or have some drinks at a pub. The vibe there makes it a unique place.

Where > Khao San Road (via taxi)
Operating Hours >  Daily, 1700 – 2400 hrs

#12 Indy Market


Indy Market is relatively catered to the locals living around Thonburi area, so don’t expect to see any tourists here, at least for now. There are about 500 stalls selling fashion, craft and food. I won’t recommend you to travel all the way from Sukhumvit or Pratunam to just visit this market alone.  Of course, if you have already visited all the other night markets which were recommended on AroiMakMak and want something different, feel free to visit Indy Market.

Where > Thanon Suk Sawat  (via taxi)
Operating Hours >  Daily, 1800 – 2400 hrs


#13 The Knack Market [CLOSED]


The Knack Market is a unique pop-up night market that only opens on selected weekends (usually the last weekend of the month). It might not be as accessible as most night markets but it is worth checking out if you have already visited most of the popular night markets such as Artbox and Talad Rot Fai Srinakarin / Ratchada.

The Knack Market is located at The Jam Factory in the Khlong San district (beside Khong San Market and Millennium Hilton Hotel). The Knack Market is definitely worth checking out if you stay near the Riverside or have access to the Chao Phraya Express boats. To avoid the jams, you can cross the river via the shuttle boat at River City Shopping Complex.

Where > Khlong San Market
When > TBC

#14  TGIFest – The Garden of TFest [CLOSED]


TGIFest, The Garden of TFest is a new pop-up night market in Bangkok that opened in May. They are located at Fragrant Park, beside Sukhumvit Soi 36 and is accessible by BTS Thonglor.  The current chapter of TGIFest will run till 17 July and we are unsure if it will be extended. The vibe here is quite similar to Artbox and you can also find many instagrammable food. Some of the vendors are similar to what you see in Artbox while some are new. Read more…

Where >  TBC
When >  TBC

At a Glance!

This pretty much sums up the night markets that I recommend you to visit. There are actually more night markets such as Patpong in Silom (which marks up prices too much) and Siam Gypsy (which is a little far away from the city), hence they are not on this list. Anyway,  I have a feeling the list here is already too long for a single trip!

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