Japan is famous for their snacks which are great for souvenirs because they are just so beautifully packaged. You can’t leave Japan without buying any snacks home.

The recommendations below can  actually be purchased from Tokyo’s airport and you can find them in both Narita and Haneda Airport.


At Narita Airport, look out for this shop called Fa So La Tax Free Akihabara.


I strongly recommend getting them in the airport because you won’t need to count all these buys into your baggage. They will pack it nicely in a strong plastic bag for you and you can just hand carry them on board the plane.

However, if your flight is at night or after midnight, you might want to get your purchases done in the city since these shops at airport are not open 24 hours.


Before you start buying everything happily, please note that they have a very short life span and most of them can only last for a week. So, buy wisely because they are not cheap!

#1 Tokyo Banana


Tokyo Banana is probably the most common snack most people  will buy back from Japan.

It’s basically a soft sponge cake filled with banana  custard cream filling. Apart from the original Tokyo Banana flavour, they have other variations such as Banana Caramel / Banana Shake.

#2  The Strawberry Cake from Ginza


The Strawberry Cake is from the same maker of Tokyo Banana. The sponge cake is similar but the filling is different. This time, it’s strawberry filling.

For those who loves strawberry, this is definitely a good alternative.

#3 Shiroi Koibito Cookies


Shiroi Koibiti Cookies or commonly known as  ç™½ã„恋人 is the next most popular item. I like how thin and light the biscuits were. Together with the white chocolate sandwiched in between, it makes a good snack at any time of the day.

It originates from Hokkaido so you might not be able to find it easily in Tokyo city.

#4  Jaga Pokkuru


Another popular item from Hokkaido is Calbee Jaga Pokkuru. It’s like potato chips in the form of french fries.  It is made from large Hokkaido potatoes and cut without peeling to retain the flavour of the skin. It is then sprinkled with roasted salt from Okhostsk.

The more you eat, the more addictive it gets!

#5  Cheese Cookies


It didn’t cross my mind to buy this. I was given a sample to try and I loved it. It’s Tokyo Cheese Cookies and it comes in both savoury and sweet flavours. Cheese lovers, make sure you get this!

#6  Matcha Cookies


At first glance, the size of the box seemed too small for the price. Definitely not on my list to buy.

However, after I was given a piece to try, I changed my mind. It was so good! Probably the best Matcha Cookie I had eaten.

#7  Royce Chocolate


You can easily get Royce Chocolate in many countries but there’s a reason for getting it here. Compared to getting it over in Singapore, it’s almost half the price! Does it make sense to buy it here now?

#8  Royce Potato Chip Chocolate


This is a hybrid of Royce Chocolate + Potato Chips. It gives you a sweet and savoury taste which is still on point. If you love both chocolate and potato chips, don’t miss this!

#9  Kit Kat


You can’t visit Japan and not buy any Kit Kat. At the airport, they sell the more popular flavours such as Matcha. If you are looking for more interesting flavours, you will have to head to the Kit Kat store in the city to get it.

Have a break, Have a Kit Kat!

#10  Pocky


In Singapore, most of the Pocky products you find are from Thailand. Try a Pocky from Japan and you will fall in love with it, perhaps deeper in love!

Can’t wait to get your hands on these? Don’t miss out this shop when you are at the airport!