One of the reasons why Khao Yai has been so popular in recent years is definitely due to the increased activities and cafes. People love visiting cafes because they get to enjoy good food and drinks and at the same time take some beautiful photos. Some of them also made use of the beautiful natural scenery to make their cafe an even better attraction. Here are 5 of the best cafes which we recommend that you must visit when in Khao Yai! Don’t forget to check out our Ultimate Khao Yai Guide, featuring at least 40 activities for you to do in Khao Yai!

Do note that not all cafes are open daily and some of them are open on from Friday to Sunday.

#1 The Birder’s Lodge Cafe


The Birder’s Lodge Cafe is a must-visit for every local!  Upon entering, you will just notice that the whole cafe is very aesthetically pleasing with a very minimalistic industrial theme.


90% of the customers inside are here with a camera too!


Other than a photogenic cafe, they also serve very instagrammable drinks. Their signature drinks include a cotton candy on top of it to give you that opportunity for an Instagram photo but be sure to snap fast else your cotton candy will be melting.

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Opening Hours: Daily: 8:30am – 6pm (8pm on Friday & Saturday)

#2 Please Don’t Tell Khaoyai


As the name suggests, “Don’t Tell”, but you just have to tell it to everyone you know because this place is simply amazing.  People come here for the magnificent views, an opportunity for nice photos and instagrammable drinks.


They are the highest cafe in Khao Yai and have the longest coffee bar (probably in Thailand).


Order some drinks, as they will be a good companion for your “long photoshoot”.

Opening Hours:  Daily: 8:30am – 5:30pm

#3 Pirom Cafe


Pirom Cafe is one of the newest cafes in Khao Yai but is always filled with customers. The cafe faces the mountain and a lake, so you get a beautiful view to enjoy your drinks.


They offer several drinks and snacks for you to chill your afternoons away. Don’t miss out on their potato wedges and fried sushi!

If you have too much cash to spare and want to buy land to build your house in Khao Yai, enquire and go for a tour at Pirom at Vineyard!

Opening Hours:  Daily: 8:30am – 5pm

#4  Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank

Yellow Submarine Coffee Tank is a black-themed cafe that stands out. The design of this place is just brilliant, and the designers of this property designed it to integrate with the natural surroundings to provide visitors with a relaxing and peaceful feel.


Opening Hours: Daily: 9am – 6pm (Closed on Wednesday)

We hope that you enjoy these recommended cafes when you visit Khao Yai!

Getting Around

Most of the time, I prefer renting a car because it makes exploring places easier. Especially for Khao Yai, the distance to travel to every different place may take from 15-30 minutes and they are not really located close to each other.

If you don’t intend to rent a car, then you will have these 2 options left. There’s no private hire, taxi or Grab in Khao Yai itself.

  1. Look for your own driver and car to take you from Bangkok<>Khao Yai
  2. Book a customised private tour from Klook

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