The best place to get a 360 bird’s eye view of Seoul is right on top of Namsan Mountain at N Seoul Tower! It’s the only observatory in Seoul, so there’s nowhere else you can go to have such a view.

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N Seoul Tower is the highest point in Seoul, offering you picturesque view of the city’s landscape.


Before you get to enjoy the views, you have to be prepared to do a little climb up the steep slope.


Yes, it’s quite steep. Take your own time to climb up, at your own pace.


But it’s definitely worth the climb because you get awesome views thereafter.

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All I have to do is just to walk in the attraction like a boss!


After a swift elevator ride up, here’s the view on top of N Seoul Tower!


If you like, you can take your photo with the official photographers there and purchase it as a memorabilia.


The iconic love chairs!


Other than getting a good view of the city, it’s also a popular romantic hangout for couples and lovebirds. You can lock your love here with the padlocks.





A view of the transmission tower during sunset!


Namsan Octagonal Pavilion or also known as  Unamjeong Pavilion is one of Namsan’s Park main attractions.



There are several ways to get up to N Seoul Tower. For the adventurous, you can hike up. Otherwise, one of the most convenient modes is either by shuttle bus 2, 3 and 5 which passes by various subway stations. If you want something special, take the cable car although it still requires a little climb of stairs. So if you are feeling very lazy, the bus would be the best mode available.

  • Bus 2 – Chungmuro Station and Donnguk Uni Station
  • Bus 3 – Seoul Station, Itaewon Station, Hangangjin Station
  • Bus 5 – Myeongdong Station, Chungmuro Station

If it’s your first time to Seoul, this is definitely a must visit for you!


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