When in Bangkok, I’m sure one of the activities that females would like to do is manicure and pedicure. I did a quick search online and I found some that were really good (but came with high prices)  and at the same time those with cheap prices  (but substandard atmospheres).

I have seen many salons offering such services and those that draw me in are really the ones with comfortable seats together with clean and nice decor that is inviting.



I began searching for one that does manicure and pedicure for males. As I was staying in Silom area, I chanced upon one that was located right in Silom and so I enquired. After several questions, I made a reservation, so that I did  not have to wait when I reached there.



This might not look extremely comfortable, but it’s good enough. I took up their promotional package, the Manicure and Pedicure Spa at just 680฿.



And I began my virgin Manicure and Pedicure Spa in Bangkok. I was  clueless about the procedures and just sat on the massage chair to relax. So, it started with clipping of toe nails.



Followed by buffing.



And a sugar scrub.



Halfway through, another staff came by and started on my fingernails. It’s like getting a four-hand massage. Haha.



This is their mineral soak.



As a guy, I would say that the experience is really good and indeed pampering. Now my nails and toes feel so clean. And for the first time, my nails are so shiny!




For females, the package includes Nail Polish. For males, I don’t think you really want it, so for the females, it is definitely more value for money. Their manicure spa is 450฿, pedicure spa is 500฿. The mani and pedi spa set is at a promotional price at 680฿. You can do the math and make the wise decision. :)