Update: Nam’s have rebranded and now known as “Cha Tra Mue”

Note: This is a Special Feature in Singapore. If you just want to know the exact locations to locate the Original Thai Tea in Bangkok, please scroll all the way down, otherwise, you may continue to read on. :)

I love all things Thai and so when I got to know that there’s a new Thai Cafe in Singapore (started operations in October 2013)  selling the Original Thai Tea (Cha Yen) from Number One Brand, I was elated. I jumped for joy when I found out that they also sell Shibuya Thick Toast! I couldn’t contain my excitement and had to go down to have my fix immediately.

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Number One Brand Original Thai Tea

Number One Brand has been around since 1945, selling Original Thai Tea to businesses only. About a year ago, they decided that they wanted to reach out to direct consumers, offering consumers the authentic taste of Thai Tea. And so, today you see kiosks in Bangkok selling Original Thai Tea, and now even in Singapore.

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Facade

The first Thai Cafe in Singapore is called Nam’s – Brewing Thai Tea and Coffee. “Nam” is Water in Thai language. Located at Far East Square (Not Far East Plaza), Nam’s is a cosy little shop offering the best Thai Tea in town.

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Interior Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Menu

If you look at their prices, it is actually very affordable as compared to many Thai eateries. I have tried countless of Thai Milk Tea in Singapore and many are either too diluted or too sweet, and they charge $3 to $4. Read on and you will find out what I think of the standard here.

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Deco

Enjoy this cute little decorations while waiting for your cup of drink to be served.

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Straws

If you noticed, I said wait for your drinks to be served. Yes, you will have to wait for a short while of about 2 to 3 minutes. The reason is very simple. At Nam’s, every drink is brewed/prepared whenever there is a new order. This ensures the freshness and quality of the drink. Over here, they don’t just mass produce the drink and just pour it out from a jug when you order.

They really put their heart into preparing your drinks. So please be patient and your drink prepared with love will be in your hands shortly.

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Number One Brand Original Thai Tea

At S$2.30, you get a Large cup of Thai Milk Tea, and this is the standard size offered here, in fact bigger than the one offered in Bangkok. The taste is very good, exactly the same as the one I had in Bangkok. The taste of  Thai Tea and Milk is well balanced. In other shops, you actually feel that there is too much milk in the Milk Tea covering the taste of Thai Tea, but not over here.

They are using the original recipe but to suit Singaporean’s taste, they have slightly reduced the sugar level. If you don’t know, Thai people really love sweet stuffs. And so if you want it sweeter, please inform them of your preference. Well, they are kind enough to offer you a healthier choice!

The cup is beautiful isn’t it? You will be happy to know that you can take it away with you. :)

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Shibuya Thick Toast

I am thinking of “After You” now, a cafe in Bangkok offering Thick Toast. And needless to say, it is available here as well. *Only during non-peak hours*

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Shibuya Thick Toast

If you have not tried Shibuya Thick Toast before and don’t have the chance to go to Bangkok yet, please come and try this! It’s really good. It is basically Thick Toast nicely toasted with melted butter on the top. It is served with Vanilla Ice Cream and a little drip of maple syrup. They do not offer you lots of maple syrup, but it’s just as nice. *This is only available during non-peak hours. They would like to offer it during peak hours but they are really short handed at the moment. They sincerely apologize for that*

If you are wondering, yes, the ice cream on top of my toast is Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream. It is not available to the public yet, so be sure to be back!

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Cha Yen & Thick Toast

What a wonderful combination of Thai Milk Tea and Shibuya Thick Toast. Looks like I will be here very often!

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Thai Tea Mix

If you want to make your own Thai Tea, they sell this Thai Tea Mix at S$12.90/tin.

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Facade Crowd

Look, it’s crowded even during non-peak hours at 4pm!

Let me help you a bit and direct you to Nam’s as it could be quite challenging to locate it. There are 2 ways to get there.

You may either view the video or see the pictures below for guidance.

The first way is to enter via Water Gate Entrance.

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Directions

Enter here and  you will see an intersection.

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Directions Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Directions

Head on to Heritage Way.

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Directions

And there you are at Nam’s.

So if walk out from the shop and head the other way, you will be at the entrance beside Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Directions Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Directions

I am delighted to know of this Thai Cafe and this definitely won’t be my last time here. In fact, you may even see me here.

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Nam’s is Hiring!

The owners of Nam’s are currently looking for Part-Timers to join their team! As mentioned, they are short-handed at the moment. So if you have friends who is passionate in customer service, fun loving and love food, do recommend the job opportunity to them. Only then, you will be able to enjoy the delicious goodness and interesting creations that are yet to be offered. Visit their Facebook Page for more details! :)[/box_with_shadow]

Nam's Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee - Facebook

Nam’s – Brewing Thai Tea & Coffee
SINGAPORE – Far East Square
137 Amoy Street, #01-05, Singapore 049965

Operating Hours
Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sat: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Option 1:  MRT – Raffles Place / Chinatown
From MRT stations, it is about 10 minutes walk to Far East Square.


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