Sawasdee Krub! I’m back at Nara Thai Cuisine in Singapore, this time at ION Orchard branch. There is something new happening in Nara Thai and I know it’s not going to disappoint.


They recently launched a new menu, consisting of Grilled Street Food! Oh, who doesn’t love street food, you tell me. The only reason why you are not eating is because of the hygiene issue. Now that an established branded restaurant is bringing the delicious food to you, you have no more reason not to try.


Here comes all the delicious food!!!

narathaisgionorchard-khaijeowchaomKai Jiew Cha Om [S$12.90]. Thai style omelette with Cha Om. I love thai style omelette because it’s so delicious and full of flavour. This version comes fried with Cha Om, which is  Acacia, or what some people call it stinky or pungent leaf. However, after cooking it, the odour will disappear and it becomes a very delicious vegetable when cooked with omelette. Health benefits of Cha Om includes cooling down the heaty elements of your body. Must try! Dip it with the  Sriracha Chilli Sauce included.

narathaisgionorchard-gaitodgratiemGai Tord Gra Tiem [S$10.90]. This crispy fried chicken comes served with Thai Garlic which is extremely small and you can actually eat it with the skin for that extra crunch. This gives a extra punch of garlic into your chicken, elevating the flavour. This version is considered mild, probably to suit the majority since some like garlic while some don’t. For me, I felt a little stronger hint of garlic will make it more delicious.

narathaisgionorchard-mooyangjimjaewMoo Yang Jim Jaew [S$13.90]. The star of the day! Barbecued Pork Neck with Tamarind Dip. This pork neck consists of a perfect balance of tender meat, muscle and fats, giving a crunchy yet soft texture. The meat and seasoned and grilled to perfection. This dish is served with Tamarind Dip with larb giving the dish  a smoky flavour.

narathaisgionorchard-grilledseafoodplatterRuam Mit Talay Yang [S$88.90]. Assorted Grilled Seafood Platter. I know the price does not seem nice here but this is a portion for 3 to 4 pax. The star here will be the Seabass with Thai Herbs which is purchased fresh daily from Jurong Fishery. The sea bass is stuffed with lemongrass, kaffir lime and galangal and slow cooked on the grill letting the flavours seep right into the fish. I like how the skin is smoky soft with herb-flavoured meat inside. The other seafood included is Tiger Prawns, Grilled Squid, mussels and skewered scallops. If the squid was more juicy and crunchy, it would have been perfect! Don’t forget to dip it with Nam Jim (thai seafood sauce).

narathaisgionorchard-butterflypeariceKao An Chan [S$2] – Blue Jasmine Rice infused with butterfly pea which is a thai herb with lots of health benefits, including being high in anti-oxidants. Doesn’t have much of a special taste but the colour does makes it more appetising and since it’s full of health benefits, why not!

narathaisgionorchard-caramelisedmangowithcoconuticecreamMa Muang Khara Mel [S$7.90]. Mango Sticky Rice? Not so, it’s actually caramelised mango with coconut ice cream and basil sauce. This is sort of a fusion dessert. Think Creme Brûlée. The mango is coated with a layer of sugar and then torched. It makes it sweeter but perhaps covered the taste of the mango. The basil sauce is an acquired taste, you either like it or you don’t. Coconut Ice Cream at Nara never fails but I do prefer their signature  I-Thim Nara (with Assorted Thai Sweet Condiments).


NEVER leave Nara without trying their Thai Milk Tea (Cha Yen). I repeat, never! I love this version so much! :)


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