For our panel discussion on our favourite dessert brands, we have owners of Paris Mikki (French Pastry) & Guss Damn Good (Ice-Cream) coming together on 2 June (Tuesday) to share with us what they are doing as Bangkok speeds towards the new normal.


Here are the timestamps for your reference:

04:24: Briefly introduce yourselves and your companies.

09:33: How has the COVID-19 situation affected your businesses?

15:35: How do you continue to remind people of your products and how have you reacted in the face of challenge?

22:35: Question from viewers: What was the idea behind the name of Paris Mikki?

24:55: Question from viewers: Was there any issues with delivery since they look so exquisite and delicate?

26:25: Why the name – Guss Damn Good?

35:30: Have you gotten any assistance from the authorities/landlords?

39:40: Question from viewers: What are the owner’s favourite items from their own brands?

42:03: What is your best selling product/flavour?

48:30: Have your retail stores re-opened yet? Will your mode of business change now compared to how you have operated in the past?

59:50: Question from viewers: Did you have any issues with the supply of any ingredients during this period?

1:04:53: Question from viewers: From a dessert shop perspective, have people been stress-eating sweets? Did it reflect in the sale? Or we also happened to have more dessert options these days too?

1:08:48: Final words to fellow fighters in the industry and your loyal supporters.

We hope this panel discussion gave you an insight into Bangkok’s dessert industry. We will continue to keep you guys updated of the new happenings. Do stay tuned to our platforms.