If you didn’t know, EmQuartier is one of the newest shopping malls in town. Located just outside BTS Phrom Phong, it makes a good location to meet your friends for a meal after work.


In fact, EmQuartier is one of my favourite mall in Bangkok now because I don’t really like to squeeze with the crowds over at Siam district. It may be marketed as a luxury shopping mall but in reality, it caters to everybody with the different price range.


Have you been to Helix Dining before? It is located in the upper levels of EmQuartier and it’s basically a whole cluster of well down restaurants serving delicious food and desserts. Some of my favourites include  Audrey, ROAST and Greyhound Cafe!

There are some relatively new restaurants in Helix Dining of EmQuartier which you might want to check out! Today, we bring you three of them!

#1 Iwane U


Iwane U is a smaller version of Iwane Goes Nature at Sukhumvit Soi 23 but they do serve the same specialities. This is a good place for desserts after a meal or you can even make it a brunch place.


Angel Hour [270฿] – Iwane is very popular for their giggly pancakes which are similar to those which you have to queue for hours in Japan. Oh, no wonder I see no many Japanese at Iwane.

If there’s only one item to try here, I will highly recommend this. It comes with 3 pancakes, caramelised bananas and honey ice cream, can get quite filling so it’s better to share.


Lover’s Blanket Pancake [270฿] – This was their Valentine’s Day special menu but they have since decided to put it on the permanent menu due to its popularity. Red velvet pancake with raspberry ice cream! For those who prefer something with a slight tinge of sour, this is a good option!


Ginger Ale Soda [80฿] – One of their best seller drinks here which is worth trying!

Iwane U
7F, Helix Dining

#2 South Tiger


Prior to the visit to this restaurant, I was in Phuket & Krabi for about 2 days and instantly fell in love with the Southern cuisine there. So happy to know that I can also get some good Southern food in Bangkok.


Stir-Fried Mung Bean Vermicelli with Ceylon Spinach    [150฿] – This vermicelli was so well fried with a slight “wok-hei” and seriously, I could finish this dish on my own by itself. It’s that good!


Stir Fried Liang Vegetables with Eggs  [150฿] – Another very popular dish in the South is this “pak  liang  à¸œà¸±à¸à¹€à¸«à¸¥à¸µà¸¢à¸‡” vegetables with scrambled eggs. I’m not a fan of vegetables but if you give me this every day, I will gladly finish it up for you. Go try it!


Paco Fern Salad  [150฿] – Filled with lots of flavour and textures, this  makes a very good dish to go with your rice despite it being a salad.


These 3 dishes in their respective order, Southern Fried Pork  [150฿],  Spicy Yellow Curry with Pickled Bamboo Shoot & Seabass  [250฿] and  Stewed Salted Egg & Boiled Egg with Pork Belly in Sweet Brown Sauce  [180฿], all goes well with your plain rice.

The southern fried pork was fried with honey, giving that tinge of sweetness. In general, this restaurant is a good place to visit with a group of friends and family, so that you can order as many dishes to share.

South Tiger
6F, Helix Dining

#3 Le Dalat


Sick of Thai food and want something different? Why not check out Le Dalat? They are quite well known in Bangkok for serving up authentic Vietnam flavours. At the EmQuartier branch, they make it easier for diners to eat so many dishes are made into small bite portions.


You will be served some vegetables and fish sauce (which are standard) for every Vietnam meal.

Go local and order a glass of Vietnam Coffee. If you prefer seeing your coffee slowly dripping down, the Vietnam style, then order the hot version.

Crispy Vietnamese pancakes called “Banh Xeo”[190฿] is filled with lots of vegetables, bean sprouts, prawn, etc. It’s quite similar to our popiah fillings but this time, in a crispy crepe-like crust.


The famous Vietnamese Spring Rolls from  160฿. Over at Le Dalat, they have so many versions of their “Summer Rolls” to cater to your liking.


Pho bo [240฿] – The famous beef noodle soup of Vietnam! If you have only time for one dish, go for this. This is a very hearty and comforting dish, especially on rainy days. I like how the beef served are so similar to the ones you get in Vietnam.


Giant River Prawns in signature Le Dalat sauce [1700฿] – Well, you should know that River Prawns are not exactly the cheapest seafood but if you want a good seafood and are willing to splurge a little, go for this! The river prawn is so fresh and upon biting it, you will just say “shiok”! The tamarind based sauce also gives this dish an added dimension of flavours!

Le Dalat
7F, Helix Dining

You have seen three relatively new restaurants in EmQuartier. Have you tried them yet? Else, go check them out and let us know if you also like them as we do?

6 to 9 Floor, Helix Dining @ EmQuartier
Nearest BTS: Phrom Phong (Exit 1)

This was brought to you in collaboration with The EmQuartier. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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