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Night N Day Ep. 1 – Karmakamet Diner

By Eddie Yii

Karmakamet Diner is not an unfamiliar name. They have been around for years and many associate it with extravagant interior decor and a signature cotton candy dessert, which has become both a blessing and ‘curse’ as most first-time diners simply order it, take pictures for Instagram and leave.

In our brand new Night N Day series, we want to give added meaning to familiar favourites because they, in fact, represent much more than we think we know. At Karmakamet Diner, every single detail and dish represents class and depth of thought from the co-owners. It is a place designed for any occasion, all day every day, easily holding its own whether you visit for a casual brunch or a luxurious dinner with that special someone.



As you enter Karmakamet Diner, you will be greeted by the intoxicating scents from Karmakamet Aromatherapy, which might actually be more well-known than the diner itself.


Every Karmakamet outlet is designed by Natthorn Rakchana (Edge), Karmakamet’s Founder and Creative Director. This particular outlet is inspired by a medicine warehouse in Hainan owned by Edge’s grandfather.


Old-school medicine cupboards.


The whole place emits rustic charm.

The restaurant side is fully managed by Chef Jutamas Theantae (Som), Karmakamet Diner’s co-founder, who boasts enviable credentials in art, cuisine and teaching before embarking on the Karmakamet journey.


All coasters in the restaurant are replicas of hand-written letters between Edge and Som, who have been best friends since they were 15.  They had a dream of opening a restaurant together, and this place is proof that dreams come true.


Full Breakfast [690฿]


Avocado, Crab, Bacon / Crab Patty, Crab, Bacon Egg Benedict [690฿] [AroiMakMak Recommended!]


Avocado, Mango & Prawns [690฿] All raw ingredients are of exceptional quality!


Crab Pasta [590฿] [AroiMakMak Recommended!] 


Lobster Mac & Cheese [1890฿] So decadent!



You have the option to sit indoors/outdoors at Karmakamet Diner. Their alfresco-dining area is beautifully decorated with lush greenery, like a secret garden, and is definitely a good spot for photos.


It is also one of the only places I know that allows you to dine in the open even in heavy rain, as they have the entire area fully-sheltered.


Manila Clams Pasta [590฿] [AroiMakMak Recommended!] One of the yummiest pasta dishes I know.


Moist Crab Cakes [590฿]


Cold Cuts and Cheese [890฿]


Signature Cocktails from Karmakamet Diner.



Gradual changes happen to prepare the restaurant for dinner, as can be seen from the table setting.


Karmakamet Diner by night exudes a different kind of allure. And just like brunch and snack, they offer a completely different dinner menu, where the intricacy of every dish turns up another notch.





Tuna Tartare Avocado [590฿]


Diver Scallops [590฿]


Tournedos Rossini [1290฿] [AroiMakMak Recommended!] Oh the luxury of this dish, for the price point it’s quite a steal.


Pan Seared Red Snapper [790฿] with Ratatouille and white bean stew.


Summer Chicken [1290฿] [AroiMakMak Recommended!] This chicken is marinated in organic Riesling and has a whole lemon and herbs stuffed in its cavity before roasting. So sweet and succulent!


Old Fashion Donut [390฿] The beauty of this dessert will only be unleashed if you eat the salty Camembert donut and sweet vanilla ice-cream together in a single bite.


Look closely at the bottles of wine placed on every table and you will realize Karmakamet has labels customized for them from the wineries, wow.


And of course, there is a Karmakamet Aromatherapy Shop connected to the diner for you to get some signature scents for your loved ones. They come in different forms such as diffusers, sprays, candles, etc. You will fall in love with the fragrances here.


[Bangkok] Karmakamet Diner

The meal and venue was kindly sponsored by Karmakamet Diner. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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Eddie Yii

Eddie Yii

Eddie is a Sarawakian who grew up in Singapore and has worked in Thailand since 2010. Even though he has a couple of full-time jobs, he considers himself first and foremost, a husband and father. When he is not busy clearing his children’s poop, he also jots down some of his random thoughts on surviving and thriving in this awesome city of Bangkok at Stranger in Bangkok. Eddie reveals peeks into his everyday life (mostly made up of yummy food and cute kids) on his IG account @strangerinbangkok.

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