For years, Luka (Thanon Pan) has been a firm favourite for Bangkokians craving for excellent coffee and exquisite brunch dishes. Its collaboration with BMW motorcycles spawned Luka Moto,  bringing the same all-day delights into the heart of Thong Lor.

In the second episode of our brand new Night N Day series, we present to you Luka Moto and Funky Lam.  Once the clock strikes 6, magic happens and the same space undergoes a complete transformation into Funky Lam, with 2 Laotian princes at the helm, serving full-flavoured Laotian dishes over groovy soundtracks and yummy cocktails.

Luka Moto


Luka Moto is the place to go if you are looking for some good all-day breakfast options. Almost every item in their all-day breakfast menu is a signature item, depending on the individual taste buds of the customers.


Iced Salted Caramel Latte [120฿]  [AroiMakMak Recommended!] If you take coffee, you have to try this. Otherwise, they also have their own blended teas which are good as well.



Acai Bowl  [260฿]  [AroiMakMak Recommended!] – This acai bowl is blended with banana and coconut milk, served with fresh fruits, house-made granola and toasted almonds.


Charcoal Grilled Steak Sandwich  [390฿]


Trio of Tomatoes & Burrata Salad  [270฿]


Savoury “Bacon & Butter” French Toast [250฿]  [AroiMakMak Recommended!] The mixture of savoury and sweetness just pleasantly goes well in this dish!


Granola + Yogurt + Fruit [140฿]

Funky Lam


Funky Lam comes alive  at  night and it is a total transformation from the day. Operating in the daytime is Luka Moto, a brunch cafe while Funky Lam serves  Laotian  food with a party vibe.


Luka Moto, a brightly lighted brunch cafe turns into a funky hipster interior simply with the use of blinds, lighting and a simple flip of Luka Moto’s specials board (as seen in our video).





So, what is Laotian cuisine? Well, it’s quite complicated. As you scroll along the pictures, you might probably say that it’s Isaan food. But after checking the location of Laos, they are close to Northern Thailand and Vietnam too. Hence, you get a hint of those cuisines as well.


Be greeted with this fried chilli snack. Does it look fiery? Surprisingly, it wasn’t that spicy, was manageable yet addictive.


We tried their signature cocktails which incorporated sour plum and we agreed that both needed more plum flavour in our opinion.


Crispy Mekong Riverweed Crackers  [AroiMakMak Recommended!]. First time eating this and it was actually quite similar to seaweed. We were told that this is a common item in  Luang Prabang.


Grilled Beef Tongue. Don’t think about it and just eat, you will be fine.


Sai Oua (Chiang Mai Sausage). A nice addition to any northern dish.


Duck Larb. In place of minced pork is minced dark and the taste is actually similar to Isaan food. The added pork lard gives a good crunch to the dish.


Mok Larb Pa Trout (Charcoal grilled rainbow trout fillet layered with pounded fresh prawns, roasted rice, sawtooth coriander and lime leaf).


Charcoal Grilled Chicken.


Clam & “Sai Oua” Chiang Mai Sausage in Spicy Broth.


Sticky rice to go with the dishes.


This is a star from Funky Lam.  Feu Kra Dook Seen (Roasted marrow bones and broth, sliced raw wagyu beef, pho herbs & onions). It was addictive and hearty.  [AroiMakMak Recommended!]

If you noticed, the earlier dishes were quite dry and that probably also is the cause of why this dish was a favourite from us. Sanya and Saya’s (the owners) vision is to revisit simple recipes, but adding a special royal flair with the choice of ingredients. This is seen from the imported wagyu beef.

In general, the spice level of the dishes served was pleasant, and not as spicy as we thought it would be.

An additional comment from my companion, Eddie. “I actually also enjoyed chomping into the assortment of leaves provided, as they presented a full array of taste sensations, from bitter to citrusy to sweet, making the meal more “authentic” in my opinion.”


[Bangkok] Luka Moto & Funky Lam

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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