Do you know that Bangkok is a good place to have Dim Sum? I have visited several dim sum outlets in Bangkok located in hotels and they really make you feel like royalty and let you enjoy the dim sum in style.


Today’s recommendation is Noble House at Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel in Bangkok. Look at those doors!


Noble House specialises in Cantonese Cuisine and I’m here to try their Dim Sum! It’s been quite awhile since I last had dim sum in Bangkok. The dishes you see are quite “premium” but not to worry because it’s Buffet Dim Sum!


Hot & Sour Soup “Szechuan” Style. This is not tom yum soup but fish maw soup with lots of chilli flakes. It is done “szechuan” style and you really feel the heat from drinking this.


Minced Pork Dumpling (Siew Mai) in XO Sauce. I won’t talk about the normal siew mai here but the one which attracted me was this siew mai in XO sauce (Hong Kong style). It had big chunks of fresh prawns with minced pork and topped with XO sauce. So good.


Abalone Dumpling! Hello, I’m having a buffet, of course order the best to make it worth while right? I felt like royalty eating this!


Prawn Dumpling in Tom Yum Sauce. Anything tom yum attracts me. What a nice fusion of Hong Kong and Thai cuisine. I could keep eating this.


Noodle Roll (Chee Cheong Fun). In dim sum, there is always the few must order items and this is no exception. You have options of barbecue pork, prawn or scallop.

Lava Custard Bun! This is addictive! Luckily it’s a Dim Sum Buffet, I can just spam my orders! Good too see restaurants are switching from custard bun to lava custard bun. It’s the trend now!


Mashed Taro with Pork and Duck meat. Whenever we eat Tze Char, we like to order the Yam Ring and over at Dim Sum, this works well too.


Glutinous Rice with Vegetable filling. Ah, ok this doesn’t sound appetising but it really tastes good. It had a crispy exterior with a wet filling. I wish I can record the sound when I bit into it. Not only did it look good, it tasted good as well. This was filling though!


Chilled Sago with Honeydew and Ice Cream. Their signature dessert here is so refreshing, make sure you try it.


Wished that they had things like Barbecue Pork Pastry and Egg Tarts. That would be perfect!

So what’s their pricing like?

The Mon-Sat Dim Sum Buffet costs 766฿”Ž nett and 941฿”Ž nett for Sunday. Don’t leave without trying those special items I mentioned which I feel is unique to Noble House.  Of course come here must order the unique ones la! Haha