Care for some hearty Korean food that will warm your blast chilled nose from the freezing temperatures?  I stumbled upon Obok Miyeok (오복미역)  while walking along the streets of Busan in search of some warm food.


Obok Miyeok is a restaurant famous among locals that sells a variety of Miyeok-guk (seaweed soup).  


Their way of advertising caught our attention, and my friends & I found it really amusing. Apparently, people queued rain or shine for their food? Is the food here really that good? Looking at how it was full-house inside this restaurant too, we knew we had to give it a try.  


Many customers looked like locals, so I’m guessing that this restaurant isn’t very tourist-friendly yet. However, they did provide us with a menu that had Chinese translations, so we could decipher what each dish was. The lady serving us was really friendly too, and recommended us to try any of the first six dishes on this menu.  

We were served with a generous portion of seaweed soup, rice and a bunch of side dishes.


Each table was also served with two pieces of grilled mackerels as part of the complimentary side dishes! While I admit that I’m not a big fan of eating mackerels because there are plenty of bones inside, I think this made our orders very value for money.        


My friends that ordered the Scallops + Abalone miyeok-gu (16,000 Won) were all praises for this dish – the abalone & scallops tasted so fresh, and it made the soup a lot sweeter and flavourful.


As for me, I chose to get the Fish and Abalone Miyeok-gu (15,000 Won) which I thoroughly enjoyed too! I had a hard time finishing my portion because there were plenty of ingredients. The fish was tender, and it really added to the flavour of my soup, making it so rich and comforting for the cold weather.

Although this meal might not have been the most budget-friendly option, it was the perfect way to beat the cold, and the quality that you get is definitely value for the money!  

[Busan] Obok Miyeok paid for food review unless otherwise stated.  

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