Say hello to Ocken, a new casual dining restaurant by the same founders of the famous Roast Cafe, Roots Coffee and The Commons! We have all seen the success of these establishments so we know that Ocken won’t go wrong too. One thing different though is that it won’t be in Thonglor / Ekamai area.


Ocken is located at Bhiraj Tower on South Sathorn Road, easily accessible via BTS Surasak Station. In fact, you can even find Roots Coffee just beside Ocken! The name Ocken derives from Octopus + Chicken and we can’t wait to try out these dishes!


Ocken’s deco is different from the earlier establishments where they were bright. Ocken tones it down as they are serving fine dining food this time but in a casual setting. Indeed, this place feels casual and you can bring friends along and just converse as usual without having to feel stressed about the quiet atmosphere.


Ocken’s bakery serving up fresh bread!


You will be served freshly baked sourdough and buttermilk rolls with their own cultured butter (cream and yoghurt mixed and cultured overnight)!


Enjoy the view of the open-concept kitchen.


We started off with Fresh Barron Point Oysters [300฿ / 2 pieces] topped with  grapefruit yuzu mignonette, shiso and piment peppers. Fresh and nice!


Shrimp Toast [220฿] is a popular Chinese dim sum dish and the version at Ocken is really on another level. It is filled with spicy sriracha mayo, hoisin, herbs and fish sauce vinaigrette. You might find yourself wanting more of this unless you are dining alone. [AroiMakMak Recommended!]  


Ocken Salad [420฿] comes with burrata, kiwi, rosemary almonds, watercress and Asian pear. A fruity salad before you get some meat.


Octopus [650฿]! This is the signature because it forms part of the name “Ocken”. One bite and you know that this dish lives up to its name. The octopus is brined then grilled and served with sour tangerine, salsa verde, bacon fat and oregano. [AroiMakMak Recommended!]

Cold Capellini [450฿] with tomato water, zucchini sauce, burrata and crispy prosciutto. Mixed it all up and have a taste of it, you will love it despite the messy look! [AroiMakMak Recommended!]


Piri Piri Chicken [480฿] with charred tomato sauce and jalapeno salsa. This was part of Ocken’s name so we had very high expectations of this. Although it’s good, we felt that the Octopus was on another level. Don’t get us wrong, this is really good compared to many other restaurants. Just that we recently had the best chicken breast from another Chef recently.


Desserts time. This Sathon Mess [320฿] is really messy. You get a sweet messy plate filled with warm chocolate cake and green tea genoise.


A slightly more refreshing dessert option will be Passion Fruit Pavlova [320฿] with citrus meringue, gooseberries, passion fruit sorbet and coconut ice cream.


At Ocken, they also serve cocktails but we didn’t have any so we won’t be talking about it. Overall, Ocken does a good job, as usual with the quality of the food and flavour. The Octopus surely left a deep impression being the best Octopus that I have eaten. You get to choose what you want to eat here. Come quick before the price go up because we feel that they can easily choose to set it at a higher price range if they want but perhaps they want more people to come and try first since it’s an extremely competitive industry.

[Bangkok] Ocken

This was an invited media tasting. As always, all reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

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