Ohkajhu Organic Restaurant is a farm to table restaurant where you can have a healthy meal. Apart from this outlet, they also have one located at the airport.



They farm majority of the ingredients used in the dishes served at this restaurant. You can also buy some fresh organic fruits and vegetables straight from the restaurant.


Ohkajhu Organic Restaurant is actually a very huge restaurant with zones A-Z.


There definitely isn’t a lack of seats or air conditioning here.


Fruit Salad – One of their popular options as an appetizer or dessert. There is a wide variety of fruits and they are all fresh and naturally sweet.


Lamb Shank (Small: 395 Baht/Large: 655 baht)  – This dish is served with salad, brown rice and grilled pineapple. I am usually not a fan of pineapple but the grilled pineapple here was really sweet and I loved it. The lamb is also tender and easy to chew with little fat. Brown rice has many more benefits that outweigh white rice easily and it went really well together with the lamb/ We were left wanting more.


Spare Rib in Chilli Sauce (415 baht) – Served with Wedges, Salad and 2 sauces. I highly recommend you order this to share among your friends or family. The chilli sauce kicks in real quickly but if you can’t take the spice, just scrape the chilli off and stick  to the less spicy sauces instead. The ribs are really amazing. The meat comes off the bone effortlessly and the meat is really good.


Smoked Duck with Maple Ground Mustard Sauce (350 baht) – This comes with mashed potato and salad. I really loved this dish. The duck meat is very tender and tastes great on its own or with the mustard sauce. This has to be one of the best smoked duck I have ever had.


Grilled Sea Bass Steak with Herb Crust (285 baht) – Served with Wedges and Salad. The fish was very well cooked and the meat isn’t dry but is soft with a crispy crust. Before I forget to mention, all the salads with all these dishes are different. The salads all come with different sauces, organic vegetables and they all taste different. Even the sauces are organic and made by them. The portions are  also big and it really makes you feel good finishing your greens.


Watermelon Shake – We saw another table order this and it looked way good for us not to try it.


Raw Juice – Definitely a healthy option. Before you back away from how green it is, this actually tastes amazing. This was the energy booster pure juice. They have many different juices with different benefits and for different parts of your body including for weight loss, liver, lungs, blood, kidneys and the list goes on.


Tea – Served in a pot with 2 tea cups. You can ask for a refill of hot water too.

All in all, this was one of my top favorite meals in Chiang Mai, I highly recommend you try it out for yourself.

[Chiang Mai] Ohkajhu Organic Restaurant