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Okonomiyaki Yukari Akihabara – The Most Popular Okonomiyaki From Osaka And The Only Branch In Tokyo!

By Wilbur Suen

Okonomiyaki originated from Osaka and I thought that I would leave out searching for Okonomiyaki in Tokyo since the best would probably be in Osaka.

I was walking from Ueno to Akihabara and I suddenly had the urge to visit the washroom. I saw a nice building and decided to enter. After the washroom visit, I came across this restaurant with quite a long queue outside selling Okonomiyaki. Out of curiosity, I tapped on the free WIFI in the complex and to my surprise, this restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants selling Okonomiyaki in Osaka and it’s the only branch in Tokyo!


My plan was to visit a Maid Cafe to experience it for myself but I changed my plan and decided to join the long queue for this Okonomiyaki!



This is Green Apple Chuhai. I saw this as something unique in the menu. Beer can be found anywhere and so I decided to go with this. No regrets! It’s an alcoholic drink but this is so good and refreshing!


I ordered the normal Okonomiyaki, which is the bestseller. I was shocked by the portion size! It’s basically a kind of Japanese pancake made from eggs, noodles, cabbage and your choice of meat. You can simply have this as a meal by itself.

The okonomiyaki is cooked right in front of you and the waiter will tell you when it’s ready to eat.


Don’t forget to add the bonito flakes located by the side of the table.

If you are in Tokyo and want to try the best Okonomiyaki from Osaka, you know where to go now!

[Tokyo] Okonomiyaki Yukari Akihabara

Wilbur Suen

Wilbur Suen is the brainchild of Wilbur Suen. He is based in Singapore but loves Bangkok so much that he keeps returning. He loves travelling, eating, technology and has high standards for them. In his free time, he will be sourcing for new places to visit so that he can document and share. Try to catch him in Bangkok eating local dishes, enjoying aromatherapy spa or chilling at a rooftop bar.

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