Oksang Galbi (옥상달빛)!

This  has taken Korean Fried Chicken up a notch with fried chicken that’s set  on fire right before your eyes!


A thing to note, their restaurant is actually pretty hard to find because it’s located on the other end of Hongdae and you would have to take a walk past the shopping street to get there. Do  look out for their signboard, as seen from the picture above, and you’ll be able to find it on the second floor of the shophouse!


I really like how casual the interior of the restaurant is with scribbles by patrons covering the walls of the place. I also like the fact that the furniture, including the tables, chairs and lights, don’t match.  This  gives the  restaurant a really unique vibe.


On the top floor, there are more seats. I was quite amazed that they had tents set up and are all fully air-conditioned to beat the humid nights in Hongdae. It was really comfortable to have our meal in the tent because of the air-conditioning. The lights also gave a really nice ambiance to the place, making it a really chill place to hang out with friends.


Behold, the highlight of the dinner, the flaming chicken. It was really cool to witness it being lit right before our eyes. However, it was kind of disappointing because it only lasted 5 seconds. Nonetheless, we ordered it for the thrill. The chicken was served with wedges that tasted pretty average. The chicken on the other hand, didn’t have that burnt taste even after being set  on fire. The marinade gave the fried chicken flavour and it had a sweet note to it. Texture-wise, it was not as crunchy as I thought it would be since the chicken was soaked in the marinade. Like all meals with fried chicken, this dish is  best served with a glass of beer – the perfect combo!

In my opinion, this place is worth trying if you want to experience something out of the ordinary. However, it’s not really worth it if you have to go out of your way just to try it because the meal was pretty mediocre.

[Seoul] Oksang Dalbit