Omu Rice is a Japanese dish which  was commonplace from a long time ago. However, it recently gained popularity again  because of the viral video circulating recently. The video showing the chef slicing the egg omelette into half revealing the watery inside was so  visually tempting.

People from all over the wold are now flocking to Kichi Kichi Restaurant in Kyoto just to try that Omu Rice. I was in Kyoto recently but failed to make a reservation. Queuing at the restaurant didn’t help too.


No worries though because you can get almost the same  thing at your convenience, in Bangkok! They have 6 branches in Bangkok but the most convenient outlets are located at Central World and Silom Complex.


The interior is quite fancy as well.  But I’m more interested in the flowing eggs here.


You get to choose from 4  different sauces (Tomato, Demiglace,  Curry or Cream) and your choice of meat or seafood. I chose the Demiglace version with Ebi Tempura.


I topped up 20 baht for lava-style eggs, giving you such beautiful effects. My camera was definitely well fed with the satisfying “opening ceremony”. You definitely have to take a video! Check out our video below!