We cannot ignore the fact  that fusion food is big in Bangkok. People love it and many restaurants have opened to fulfill the huge demand. “On The Table” is one of them. But what separates them from other cafes is  that they use the concept of fusion Japanese food but still keep the homely feeling when you enter this restaurant.


This restaurant is very easy to find  since they have several branches around Bangkok. You can find them at Central World, Central Rama 9, Central Ladprao, Siam Center, Mercury Ville (Chidlom) and many many more. Most of them open at 11 am (or they will open at the time the department store opens).


Today we  ordered 4 dishes. One of them is the most popular item  from this restaurant. However, all of them taste scrumptious.

Let’s begin with the appetizer which is Fried Soft Shell Crab Salad. The simple  Caesar salad is enhanced by  the soft shell crab that gives a super crunchy texture to this dish and a little bit of saltiness. However, I think that this dish is a little bit too small. But still, it is worth the try :)


The next item  I ordered was the pizza. The pizza is about 10 inches. You can do a single flavor of pizza or 2 flavors (The price will be the more expensive flavor’s price). I ordered Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese and Bacon Mushroom pizza.

Personally, I really like Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese because the salmon was very fresh and thick and the cream cheese also went  really well with this pizza because it added a little sourness.

The other part of the pizza, the part with bacon and mushroom was also good as the mushroom was perfectly grilled. It smells wonderful.  The pizza flour is also the thin crust which I really like. I think people who love thin crust pizza will like it too as all the flavors of the pizza will not be overwhelmed  by the flour.


Calamari or also known as fried squid. The first time I ate it, I was a little surprised because they did not use fresh squid, instead, they used grilled squid so the texture is a little bit more chewy. It had remnants of a char-grilled taste. It also goes along well with Japanese Style Mayo because it tastes a little more sour, so you don’t need to add more lemon juice to your calamari anymore!


The last dish  is the most popular item  from this restaurant and that is Hamburg Curry Rice with Cheese. I must say that the portion is quite big, you might need 2 people to finish this item. The Hamburg itself is made of pork. It is very well marinated and very soft. The size is also quite big. The rice that they put under the hamburg is already mixed with the curry. The curry here is not spicy at all and is a little bit sweeter than the other restaurant to counter the  saltiness from the cheese they put above.  Overall, you should try this dish, especially if you are a cheese lover like me!


I also ordered the punch soda for refreshing myself from Bangkok’s hot weather. The punch soda here is good because there is a slice of lemon in it and the smell and lightly sour taste is super refreshing to me! It is non-alcoholic.

If you ever come to Bangkok, try this restaurant out and tell us if  you like it!