While in Seoul, you need to make some time to visit their tea houses. For Green Tea  lovers, there’s a cafe specialising in Korean Green Tea drinks and desserts which you must not miss! O’sulloc originated from Jeju Island and it’s a good thing that there are several branches in Seoul which we can visit without having to travel to Jeju.


There are several branches in Seoul (Myeongdong, Insadong, Hongdae, Apgujeong and Daehangno). I visited the branch at Hongdae since I came across one while exploring the vicinity.


At around 10am, I must be their first customer since it was empty and they had just started operations. It’s a good sign since I can take nice photos while everything is still neat and tidy.


I like the simple interior.


Here’s my order – O’sulloc Green Tea [6000â‚©] and  Green Tea Roll Cake  [5000â‚©]! These are definitely the best sellers of the cafe and every friend who knew I was in Seoul told me to try the Green Tea Roll Cake.

I liked how light the sponge cake was but it would be perfect if the cake was even softer. Both products were delightful and the green tea bitterness wasn’t there. I can say that the flavour was well balanced, on point.


At Hongdae branch, you can basically “people watch” if you sit by the large glass windows.


You can even do your window shopping in the cafe before heading down to do the actually shopping.


O’sulloc sells several tea products which are actually very fragrant and they  make  good souvenirs too. If you are in love with green tea, you might want to check out their Green Tea Spread!

[Seoul] O’sulloc Tea House