Otaco was  a special hidden find for me. My plan was to visit  Suzukien Matcha Ice Cream shop. If you read the post, I was given a slip to ask me to return at another timing.

Not knowing what to do during the 30 minutes interval, I decided to walk around the area to see if there was anything interesting. That was how I chanced upon Otaco!



Otaco is a family-run Chiffon bakery and their specialisation is in Chiffon cakes. They use 100% domestic rice flour without any use of addictives, preservatives, alcohol and animal components. As such, the cakes can only be kept for a maximum of 2 days.

It is also recommended by Japan Halal Foundation.


The cakes come in different flavours.


The first bite into it, you can feel that it’s a quality-made cake. It’s so soft, light and delicious!


If you are heading to  Suzukien Matcha Ice Cream shop, be sure to  check out Otaco since it’s just about 2 shops away.

[Tokyo] Otaco