It’s been a long while since I step into Hong Kong! In fact, apart from Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, Hong Kong is also a country which I’m quite familiar with and the more I watch TVB dramas, the more I feel like coming back to Hong Kong, more for the food actually. One big concern for visiting Hong Kong is always the accommodation/hotel. Hotels in Hong Kong are expensive and small as compared to our widely reviewed Bangkok hotels.


This time, we decided to stay in Hong Kong Island as it’s usually more costly as compared to Kowloon. We wanted to make use of this opportunity to explore more of Hong Kong Island and the famous eateries around it. We managed to get rooms at OZO Wesley Hong Kong, located in the midst of Wan Chai and Admiralty MTR stations. For visitors who frequent Thailand, you should be familiar with seeing the brand “OZO”. Yes, it’s actually under ONYX Hospitality Group, founded and based in Bangkok.

Anyway, getting to OZO Wesley is  relatively easy. We took the Hong Kong Airport Express to Hong Kong Station and switched to a free shuttle bus H1. The stop nearest to OZO Wesley is actually the last stop at Empire Hotel, so adding up everything will take approx an hour.


We were greeted by a bright and spacious lobby. Although we didn’t quite get the familiar “Thai smiles” but the staff were friendly and courteous, which is really important!



Apologies for the photos as I would prefer a better photo to represent the rooms. The photos were all taken at night because we were out immediately after check-in and was back only late night. As always, natural sunlight would also do the pictures more justice. I could have made the photo look extremely bright and new but it defeats the purpose.


As you can see, rooms are spacious for Hong Kong standard. The beds are soft and comfy, similar  to the standards of ONYX Hospitality Group. Knowing that we can be assured of a good night sleep. As for the price, it would be in the affordable range for Hong Kong standard (approx S$200/night).

I’m quite reluctant to say affordable because S$200/night can get you a good 5-star hotel in Bangkok, but hey, we are in Hong Kong now. Similar hotels nearby OZO Wesley easily cost more. Moreover, rooms here are clean, bright, well-spaced, there’s really nothing much to fault.


You get a locker, mini refrigerator and slippers in the room.


Something familiar in the bathroom. Bathroom shampoo and soap by Breeze Spa (Thailand)!



Breakfast comes with the usual western spread with an addition of some “dim sum”. We just had some quick bites as we wanted to head out to explore the popular eateries all around Hong Kong!

Anything Special Nearby?

There’s no swimming pool in the hotel but there’s a gym for those who want to exercise. Our aim is a little different because we have less than 48 hours in Hong Kong and we need to make full use of our time to eat and shop!  Anyway, here is our 5 Tips You Need To Do when staying in OZO Wesley Hong Kong!

#1 Hop on the traditional Hong Kong Tramways


Just outside OZO Wesley Hong Kong is a tram station where you can hop on the traditional Hong Kong Tramways to places like IFC or Causeway Bay.  Definitely a must-do in Hong Kong Island.

#2 Lunch at Kam’s Roast Goose


This is one of the most famous Michelin starred roast goose restaurant. It’s just 10 minutes walk away from the hotel. But be prepared to queue for at least an hour before you get your seats. 1 hour is perhaps the minimum for peak periods.

#3  Visit Lee Tung Avenue


We only managed to explore this beautiful place on our last night. What a waste! It’s just 3 minutes away from OZO Wesley and they have such a beautiful  tree-lined pedestrian walkway. It features cafes, gourmet  restaurants and fashion outlets. You can also find the famous Omotesando Koffee here!

#4  Snack on some fresh potato chips!


Now, you don’t have to fly to Japan just to enjoy these freshly fried potato chips. You can find it at Okashi Galleria in Lee Tung Avenue! You can even get the famous Japanese snacks there.

#5  Chill out at The Pawn


We chanced upon this place while on the tramways. Didn’t regret coming and it was the perfect way to end our last night in Hong Kong, enjoy some good beer/cocktails/wine with good friends and good scenery of Hong Kong.


Oh, we also need to mention that there’s  are  convenience  stalls and supermarket around the hotel, so you won’t have to worry about being hungry in the middle of the night.

If you happen to be staying in OZO Wesley Hong Kong, be sure to check out the tips we have for you! Enjoy!

Just to mention, we took an UBER from OZO Wesley to Hong Kong Station at the ride was less than 5 minutes. So this is another alternative route to the Airport train!

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