Pablo should be a familiar name to you if you are active on social media. You should have seen cheese cakes with melting cheese on the inside. Yes, it’s from Pablo! The Osaka-based company has opened several outlets in Tokyo but the biggest one is Pablo Cafe in Harajuku.


After you exit from Harajuku station, proceed towards the right and you will first see Gindaco Takoyaki. Proceed into the small lane beside it and you will spot Pablo Cafe!


Pablo melting cheesecake went viral online and it is no surprise that you have to queue to get your buys.


While waiting for your turn, you can see how the famous Pablo Melting Cheesecake is prepared.


Pablo Melting Cheese Cake! In fact, there are 2 versions of this cheese cake – Rare and Medium.

Rare – the melting version that you see here.

Medium – where the cheese does not melt and is firmer.


It’s not easy to get a good shot of the melting cheese cake with the space constraints.

I strongly recommend you to try this melting cheese cake on the same day of your purchase or even better, immediately.

If you buy it back to your home country, you have to manage your expectations because it won’t melt like what you see.


Apart from the famous cheese cake which is quite big even for 3 pax, they also sell the mini version which is easier to consume.

The mini version comes in original and chocolate flavours too.


You will need some drinks after eating the cheese cakes as it can be quite dry. In the picture is Ice Matcha Latte and Ice Pablo Cheese Cake.

Both drinks were good but if you are buying cheese cakes, the Matcha Latte would be a better option.

Other than Pablo cafe, you can find Pablo pop-up shops at Shinjuku and Akihabara.

For fans in Thailand, you will be happy to know that Pablo Cafe will be opening in Bangkok, Thailand at Siam Paragon in October.

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