Paik’s Coffee is actually one of Korea’s biggest Coffee Chains selling huge cups of coffee at a really affordable price! Just like the  fried chicken chains in Korea, you can find coffee chains from a ton of different brands  on the corner of every  street. This huge coffee chain has taken Korea by storm with its menu offering a spectrum of different drinks extending from coffee to juices and smoothies!


Their outlets are decked in blue and yellow, emanating a strong sense of branding making it really stand out from the rest of the shops – it’s so easy to notice their outlet from afar!

Every once in awhile, they’ll also add new flavours to the menu.


One of their new bestsellers include the Strawberry Banana Milkshake. This mix tastes amazing and the sweetness doesn’t overpower the flavour of the whole drink. Great when you’re feeling famished  or when you need a quick fix to fill that tummy of yours before dinner. The milkshake is also well blended and there aren’t any bits and pieces of ice in it, resulting in a smooth consistency.

If you’re not a fan of Strawberries then you can opt for the Chocolate Banana smoothie which also tastes equally  good! I’d much rather prefer the latter because I’m not that big of a fan of Strawberries, but that’s my preference.


And if you haven’t already noticed, Koreans LOVE their Iced Americanos, which brings me to the next point. One of Paik’s Coffee’s best sellers would most definitely be their Iced Americano! In comparison with all the other Iced Americanos I’ve tried in Korea, Paik’s Iced Americano faired relatively well. It wasn’t too strong and neither was it too bland. Although, I’d prefer something much stronger with more depth, Paik’s Iced Americano would probably suit the tastebuds of  those who like something not too strong and a little sweeter.


But  if you’re not a fan of Iced Americanos then you should try their Iced Mocha. It’s definitely sweeter and milder in comparison with the bitterness of the Iced Americano. Another thing I like about Paik’s Coffee is that they serve their coffee over crushed ice – perfect, especially on a hot summer’s day.

[Seoul] Paik’s Coffee