There are many Korean BBQ restaurants in Seoul but there’s a unique one which you should go. One of the best in my opinion is Palsaik Samgyupsal. Let’s begin our wonderful journey!


I went to the branch at Hongdae but they also have another outlet in Shinchon.

When we arrived at the restaurant, guess what! It was full house! However, good stuff is always worth the wait. After about 30 to 40 minutes, it was finally our turn!


We finally got our seats and we were already ready to order. The set costs 34,000₩ for the 8 flavours which weighs around 600g. Personally I  think that is good for 3 people but if you have 4 and above, you might want to consider adding more  meat to your  order.


Palsaik Samgyupsal is actually called “8 Colours Pork Belly” (direct translation from Korean).


You can see the meat rolled up individually on small plates with its name shown on the plate for its flavour (Ginseng / Wine / Pine Leaves / Garlic / Herb / Curry / Miso Paste / Hot).

Usually, we will start eating from Ginseng Flavour first and end with Hot flavour. This is because ginseng tastes kind of mild and after the 2nd and 3rd flavours onwards it gets heavier & heavier.




The servers were all very busy and they move and work really quickly to help you with the BBQ. You do not need to do anything yourself as they will make sure that the meat is fully cooked and ready to eat. Once it is ready you could pick up a slice of pork and wrap them up in the leaves or vegetables just like in most Korean movies.

When you order this set it will automatically come with a plate of Shabu Shabu (Steamboat) with 3 variations  to choose from:

  • Seafood with Duenjang Soup (Fermented soybean paste With Seafood Broth – Mild Spicy),
  • Clams Soup
  • Kimchi Chi-Gae (Spicy Kimchi Soup With Pork bits)  Soup.


Lastly, let’s enjoy some sizzling and bubbly moments in my video clip below. Hope you will enjoy yours too in Seoul! Oh, they have free wifi for you to upload your photos and videos too.

[Seoul] Palsaik Samgyupsal