Pa Tong Go is actually what we know as “You Tiao or Fried Dough Stick”. You may ask me, why recommend this when it’s so common in Singapore? Well, read on you and will know why.


Well, Pa Tong Go in Thailand is a little different. It’s shorter in size and easily manageable with our hands.


This particular store in Yaowarat, Chinatown has been around for many years. Really, it was nothing special then. Apart from the normal “You Tiao”, they also sell it with kaya (pandan coconut custard) dip.


Recently, I noticed something a little different and see queues begin forming around this stall.


Apart from frying, they grill it to make the exterior crispy.


And thereafter, it becomes a beautiful and pretty snack.


It’s actually a very simple snack, but Thais somehow just know how to make something so simple become delicious and beautiful. You can choose your preferred topping and they will just pour it over your Pa Tong Go! A good alternative if you want something different from “Roti”.

Pa Tong Go, Yaowarat