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PB Valley Winery Khao Yai – The First and Largest Vineyard in Khao Yai

By Andrea Ee

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There are many activities that you can do in Khao Yai but you should not miss this out – Visiting PB Valley Khaoyai Winery. PB Valley is the oldest and largest vineyard in Khao Yai and they have professional guided tours around for you to learn something about wines.


PB Valley is really huge in size.


The Vineyards stretch across 1000 acres of land.


There are a variety of grapes grown in these vineyards. Including both grapes for wine making and table grapes to eat.


They also grow other fruits and vegetables here for their restaurant.


Before our tour started, we had some fresh grape juice.


PB Valley even has their own flower park. The flowers vary due to season but in winter, it gets really filled and colourful.


The vineyards were rather empty because we were there in May.


All these vineyards will be grown fully before and during harvest season.


PB Valley’s table grapes were there when we visited and we got to learn about how they grow them and how to look at them.


Grapes are one of my favourite fruits and this really excited me.


“The freshest grapes of my life,” as Wilbur describes.


During the tour, you will get to learn how they make wine from the grapes right till the bottling. Their factory is quite fascinating and you will come to learn that wine making is a very tedious process.



All these are filled with wine and there are different variations for different types of wine.



Mandatory picture with their oak barrels.


They also have charts to explain the entire process of how they make the wine.


After the vineyards and winery tours, it was time for  wine tasting.






Don’t worry, we are not drunk yet. Time for some proper food at their restaurant!



Miang Bai Angun [200฿] – This dish consists of Pork Belly Paste, Wine Leaves and condiments. It is a signature dish of the Great Hornbill Grill and you will only be able to find this dish at PB Valley Khao Yai and PB Valley Chiang Rai.


Mushrooms stir-fried in Oyster Sauce [220฿] – This mushroom dish actually consists of 5 different types of mushrooms, grown in PB Valley, so it’s really fresh!


Massaman Nua [280฿] – Also known as Beef Curry Massaman, I really enjoyed the creamy, coconut milk based “Massaman” curry with Beef served with toast.


PB Tom Yum Goong [380฿] – This Tom Yum dish uses coconut juice as a soup base served with river lobster and coconut meat. If you order individual portions of this dish, you will actually get it served in a coconut shell.


Home-made Ice Cream [120฿] – This is the Grape Sherbet, which I really loved. Other available flavors include Charcoal, Passion Fruit, Vanilla and Chocolate.


I definitely recommend trying their grape juice while you are there. You can even bring them home as they have a  shop selling a variety of grape products.

Reserve your Vineyard & Wine Tasting Tour @ PB Valley Here!

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Andrea Ee

Andrea Ee

It is easy to spot this tiny Singaporean girl in a crowd. You may notice her unconventional unicorn like hair colour or maybe you just heard her squealing over some cute dog, cheap clothes or good food. Andrea loves having fun, being different and taking on new adventures which she documents on Instagram @vexdrea. When she is not working, she is probably at church, shopping at some thrift store or exploring some other country.

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