Penis shaped waffle is probably nothing new to travelers who frequent Taiwan but for Thai locals, it’s definitely something new!

My Thai friend, Rain, tagged me on Facebook about this post which went viral in Bangkok and I  just had to activate my CSI skills. To successfully write about this post, I had to visit the night market twice on both days with taxi fares  amounting close to 1000 baht!


This new Penis Shaped Waffle can be found in a hidden night market called “Indy Market”, located in Thonburi. The market which mainly caters to locals living around Thonburi has been around for close to a year but this shop recently opened 1 month ago.


Khun  Sugus (owner) imported the machine from Taiwan and they are the first in Bangkok to sell this Penis Shaped Waffle. It sure became the talk of the town and many media companies are sure to visit them soon.

The waffles are filled with Chicken Hotdog with Cheese, making it a sweet and savoury  snack.


Waffles are glazed before serving to make it look beautiful.


Oh, they are also trimmed to shape to make it look nice.


That’s a lot of work! So, be prepared to wait for 20-40 minutes during peak hours. I believe that it should remain peak for the next couple of months.


You can choose from 6 choices of toppings (Chocolate, Strawberry, Blueberry, Mayonnaise, Sweet Chilli and Tomato Sauce).


Don’t be too anxious to have a bite. Beware of the squirting cheese because it burns!

Even though the official closing time of their shop is at  11pm, they will close early once they have sold out!

You might be asking, what’s the nearest BTS station?! Well, the nearest is BTS  Wongwian Yai  station but you will still have to transfer to a taxi to get to Indy Market. So, my advice is to take Uber/Grab straight!

[Bangkok] Pho Hai Ma paid for food review unless otherwise stated.

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