Petite Audrey is located conveniently at Siam Center and I have been  craving for their Tom Yum Goong Pizza for a long time already. As mentioned in my earlier post about Audrey, I prefer the branch at Thonglor due to their consistent food quality. However, travelling all the way to Thonglor was a bad idea due to my tight schedule for the day.

At Petite Audrey, they have the same elegant and classy deco, just that this outlet is smaller, as the name “petite” suggested.

petiteaudrey-entrance petiteaudrey-exterior petiteaudrey-interior petiteaudrey-signaturedish

They have several signature dishes, don’t you just want to try them all?


I love the quotes by Audrey. Good atmosphere is the secret ingredient. It’s true, if the atmosphere is good, you will enjoy your food better. :)


Upon sitting down, I was  captured by  this promotion. The first thing I ordered was Milo Volcano!

Say Cheese – Deep Fried Mashed Potato with Melty Cheddar Cheese. It tasted not bad but somehow the potato lacked flavour, it sort of tasted like aeroplane food. Good or bad, depends on you. The cheese also tasted mild. So I would say this dish is optional, not a must try.

Tom Yum Goong Baby Crusty Pizza. This is a MUST ORDER! It’s thin crusted but packed with so much flavour inside it. So delicious, that is if you like Tom Yum. If you don’t take Tom Yum, they have other flavours for their pizza too.

petiteaudrey-milovolcanoMilo Volcano Crepe Cake is the current promotion at Audrey.  One word, SHIOK! Milo custard and cream layered between crepes, topped with milo sauce and milo crumble. Milo lovers, make sure you try this! Check out my instagram video as well, you will drool!!!

+ Like

Good food in a convenient location.

– Dislike

Food consistency varies. The branch at Thonglor has better consistency. But having said  that, the food at Petite Audrey is still good, just that I prefer the Thonglor branch.

= Conclusion

No time to travel to Thonglor, just visit Petite Audrey or their new location, Central Embassy. It may not be the best but the food quality is good, which is great,  if your schedule is tight.