Q&A with Local Expert from Phuket

Many are interested to know the situation in Phuket and we have invited a Local Expert, Toon (IG: toonkouran) from Phuket to talk about new tourism (from his perspective) and discuss the durian culture in Thailand.

Here are the timestamps for your reference:

03:50: Briefly introduce yourself.

06:15: What other businesses do you do?

10:14: How’s the current situation in Phuket?

15:07: How has COVID-19 affected your businesses?

22:09: Question from viewers: Are there still many foreigners in Phuket?

23:50: What do you think is the new normal for tourism in Phuket?

29:00: Question from viewers: Need to go back to Phuket for gobenz.

30:30: How have you adjusted in order to survive during this period? (We talk about the durian culture in Thailand)

47:03: Question from viewers: How long will the durian season last?

52:10: Are there any tips to choose a good durian?

57:06: Are you eating durian every day?

We hope this gave you an insight into the current situation in Phuket and also the durian culture in Thailand. We will continue to keep you guys updated of the new happenings. Do stay tuned to our platforms.


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