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What comes to your mind when we mention Phuket? I believe it is Patong Beach and Walking Street because that’s my impression of Phuket too. Fortunately, there’s much more about Phuket than what most people know. After trying out TakeMeTour in Bangkok, we decided to do the same for our Phuket trip because the best person to unravel the hidden real Phuket will be a local expert. Phuket’s Tastiest Foodie Adventure by Toon from TakeMeTour presents a great deal as it covers the whole day’s   activity including food and transportation in a town where public transport is literally daylight robbery.


Our local expert ”“ Toon picked me up from my hotel at about 8am and we started our foodie adventure.

#1 – Traditional Dim Sum Restaurant


Our first stop was at a traditional Dim Sum Restaurant with 50 years of history. We got to choose our dim sum and learnt about a local rice salad called Khao Yum. It was surprisingly refreshing. We ordered quite a lot of dim sum to try and soon regretted because we still had a long day of eating ahead of us.


We headed into Phuket Old Town and it was another restaurant right away.

#2 – Rotee Restaurant


We visited a famous Rotee (Roti Prata/Canai) restaurant and Toon ordered some special rotee dishes for us to try. Locals are used to eating sweet rotee (usually with banana and condensed milk) but in Phuket, they have this special dish called “2+1 Rotee” consisting of 2 Rotee and 1 egg. Toon showed us the local way to eat this dish by unexpectedly pairing it with maggi seasoning and beef curry.


This restaurant is also famous for their Thai Milk Tea and we had the fortune to witness the master in action.

#3 – Explore Phuket Old Town


After the first 2 stops, we were very very full, so it was time to walk around to explore Phuket Old Town. We were surprised to find this part of Phuket like a Thai-version of familiar Malaysian cities Malacca and Penang, brimming with Peranakan heritage and Sino-Portuguese buildings, many of which retained their original forms. The stroll was made even more meaningful by Toon’s knowledgeable insights of every nook and cranny.

We did not bring an umbrella on a scorching day and soon needed somewhere to hide. Initially, we wanted to check out the famous Instagram Ice Cream Cafe but they were closed. Hence, Toon suggested to bring us to a very local dessert instead.

#4 – Local Shaved Ice Dessert


This shaved ice dessert is called “O-Eaw” which features jelly cubes made from banana starch and it was indeed the perfect refreshing dessert for us to cool down. I would take this over instagram-famous ice cream any day.

#5 – Massage at Local Spa, by the nature

When Toon told us we were going to a spa, I thought we were going to some roadside massage parlour but instead, he drove deep and went to this cool hidden local spa facing nature. The owner of the spa even brought us in to dig up some herbs from her backyard (which is also her spa’s herb farm). What an experience.

#6 – Visit Rawai Beach and the sea gypsies

We then visited the Sea Gypsies, considered first humans on the island, living off the sea and coastal forests. They work as fisherman or pearl divers and their income comes from tourists visiting their villages to purchase fresh seafood.

They make their fishing nets by hand and the nets can last them up to a year. We were lucky to catch them getting about their everyday chores, weaving new fishing nets and grilling their catch of the day for dinner.

Beautiful Rawai beach presented a peaceful view of parked fishing boats used by the native sea people. We left with a renewed perspective of Phuket.

#7 – Sunset Viewpoint

As evening approached, Toon brought us to a fantastic viewpoint which was not touristy, allowing us to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Phuket sunset.

#8 – Night City View of Phuket at Big Buddha


After sunset, we headed up to check out the majestic giant Buddha statue and enjoy the night view of Phuket town.

#9 – Michelin Bib Gourmand Restaurant

Our last stop was at a Michelin Bib Gourmand Restaurant where we got to try their famous dishes – Crab Meat Fried Rice, Seafood Red Curry and Steamed Fish. They were all extremely delicious and it was the perfect way to end the day.


After dinner, Toon sent us to the airport as we had to catch the last flight out of Phuket. If we had another night in Phuket, he would have brought us to have more local dessert!

So glad to have booked this private tour by Toon from TakeMeTour because Toon is a true Phuket local expert. He knew the places so well, explained in detail and brought us to the authentic local eats, changing completely our perception of Phuket. If I were to visit Phuket on my own, I wouldn’t have time and know-how to visit so many places and try so many local dishes. The overall experience was so heartwarming and we were glad to be able to make a new friend through this tour – Phuket Tastiest Foodie Adventure.

TakeMeTour offers authentic experiences from the locals which you won’t find anywhere else. Since every tour is a private tour, it is more flexible and can be adjusted to your needs. At the end of the day, you don’t just meet a typical guide, you make a new local friend who shows you around his hood.

We can’t wait to join more tours on TakeMeTour platform!

Want to experience a private tour by a Local Expert? Simply tag 2 friends whom you want to travel with (on our Facebook post) and stand a chance to a free trip for 2 pax in Phuket [travel before 29 Feb 2020] with Toon from TakeMeTour!

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