Update: 28 August 2020

Ping’s Hotpot has re-opened with a new Collagen Soup made with chicken and pork bones/cartilage boiled for hours, which is a very popular soup option in countries like Singapore.

Hotpot / Steamboat is very popular in Bangkok and you can see many Shabu Shabu restaurants in every shopping centre. Most of them use normal chicken stock for the soup base but recently I found something better.

I found Ping’s Hotpot and I especially like their premium soup base. When we eat hotpot, we will definitely drink the soup and if the soup is good, everything else will taste better. It’s not the cheapest hotpot in town but its price is comparable to big names like MK Gold.

Spicy  Tom Yam Soup (left) and Teochew Herbal Goodness Soup (right) [50 baht each] – The Tom Yam is sour and spicy but it will give your hotpot items more flavour. On the other hand, the herbal soup is  nutritious  as it includes things like ginseng, goji berry, jujube, peppercorn, taung siem, pukkee and huay sua.

Magnificent Mongolian Soup  (left) and Superior  Ping’s Original  Soup  (right) [50 baht each] –  The Mongolian soup has a very strong herb and spice taste which was too much for me. It includes herbs such as sichuan pepper, camphor seed, cinnamon, liquorice, dried ginger, nutmeg and star anise. If you want something smooth and light, go for the original soup.

Did you manage to identify my favourite soup bases? They are Superior Ping’s Original Soup and Spicy Tom Yam Soup.

pingshotpot-ballsAssortment of meatballs (Pork, Shrimp, Signature 3-colour balls) [from 80 baht]

pingshotpot-mixedseafoodsetMixed Seafood Set [990฿] – Seafood here is  so fresh and I  could not  stop eating the salmon!

Korobuta Pot  Set  [370฿] –  Thinly sliced pork meat! Just dip it into your soup for a few seconds and it’s ready!

pingshotpot-wagyuribeyeWagyu Ribeye Set  [493฿] – Wagyu Beef for hotpot? Wow, this is really good!

Shrimp Wanton  [80฿]

Assorted Vegetable Set  [150฿]


Overview of all the food we ordered!

pingshotpot-hotpotJust throw in the ingredients into the hotpot and wait for it to be cooked before you indulge!

Before eating, you will want to dip into the sauces provided. If you don’t know which to dip, the friendly staff will be able to help you customise  it!


Ping’s Hotpot is really the place to go for a quality hotpot experience!