Update: Ping’s outlet at Pathumwan Princess Hotel is temporarily closed so you will have to head to their original store at Asoke (Sukhumvit Soi 21) for now.


What cuisine other than Thai food do you enjoy while you are in Bangkok? For me, I remember frequenting Chinatown for Thai Teochew Seafood in the past. And after visiting Ping’s Thai Teochew Seafood Restaurant last month, I realised what I had been missing out all these years.

Ping’s is owned by Singaporean Jacqueline Sim, and the name of the restaurant is after their chef, Saetia Hung Ping, who perfected Ping’s superior and naturally flavourful chicken broth. The superior broth is used in their popular Braised Shark’s Fin and Fish Maw. Ping’s quality ingredients have also attracted many celebrities around the world.

If you are into Thai Teochew Seafood, you have to check this place out. It is conveniently located at Pathumwan Princess Hotel, right beside MBK. What made me “WOW” was this first dish, their Fish Maw in Superior Broth!


Braised Fish Maw with  Crabmeat [300฿]. As mentioned, I usually visit Chinatown for such food in the past and if you see them prepare the soup, you will notice that they pour in starch to thicken it in order to give it a gluey feel. At Ping’s, you taste the difference immediately. It’s indeed superior as they don’t use starch, so you really get the fullness of the broth and not some starch mixture. The worst thing for me to know was that the price is similar to those restaurants in Chinatown. What!?!


Fried Fish Maw with Tiger Prawns [500฿]. This is the first time I ate Fried Fish Maw. It’s very light and spongy. Even though it’s fried, it’s not oily. For me, I still prefer the one with superior broth!


Braised Gooseweb Mee Pok in Claypot [400฿]. Singaporeans will be familiar with this kind of noodles. You might ask, come to Bangkok to eat Mee Pok? The star here is the goose web which is braised till it is soft. The skin melts in your mouth. The Mee Pok is full of flavour from the goose web and spices in the clay pot and so this is a mee pok filled with lots of goodness.


Baked Crab with  Vermicelli [2500฿]. A popular dish in Thailand with the vermicelli soaking up all the goodness in the clay pot. It’s usually served with crab or prawns. The price however is dependent on the weight of the crab/prawn, so you have to check with them when ordering. By the way,  for a limited time only (whilst stock last), they are having a Braised Lobster with Vermicelli at just 800 baht!


Thai Curry Crab with Mantou [300฿]. In Singapore, you have Chilli Crab. In Thailand, go for Curry Crab. It’s not as spicy as chilli crab but the sauce is so addictive that you will want to finish every last drop. Over here, they serve it with Mantou. Singaporeans love eating crabs with Mantou. I like this version because I don’t have to dirty my hands extracting meat from the crab and the crab meat chunks are huge!


Fried Oyster Omelette on Sizzling Hot Plate  [250฿]. Thai style omelette with huge oysters!


Braised Abalone Rice with Crabmeat  [400฿]. If you just want to have a quick but hearty meal, this will hit the spot. I love their generous chunks of abalone and crab meat in their original superior broth.


Coconut Jelly  [120฿]. You definitely need to order this as your dessert to complete your meal. It’s so light and refreshing, you get soft coconut meat with coconut jelly. It is so good that I can finish this up by myself.


Orh Nee with Pumpkin & Gingko Nut  [280฿]. If you don’t like coconut or cold desserts, then go for this since you are at a Teochew Restaurant.


Coconut Shake [180฿]. You won’t go wrong having Coconut in Thailand.


I like Ping’s branch at Pathumwan Princess Hotel because of its convenient location, right beside the popular MBK and accessible via BTS National Stadium. Coming here, I don’t have to bargain with taxi drivers and don’t have to worry about taxi drivers not wanting to go to Chinatown (Yaowarat). If you frequent Chinatown in Bangkok, you will know what I mean (they will tell you there’s bad traffic and will charge you a flat rate).


If you have a big group, they also have VIP rooms available.

For hotpot lovers, you have to check out Ping’s Hotpot because they serve premium quality soup and meat!