Updated: 25 March 2014

Introducing the largest and widely known air-conditioned wholesale shopping mall, The Platinum Fashion Mall.


Most have Β a love-hate relationship with this location. Girls will totally love this place as there is a wide array of trendy fashion, accessories, etc. Guys will be sad to know that 90% of the shops are catered to females. However, in recent years, more shops selling male fashion have appeared.


This is the interior of Platinum Fashion Mall. Platinum Fashion Mall has 2 wings. Wing 1 is the larger and older building while Wing 2 is the new and smaller building, just below Novotel Platinum Bangkok.


Being a wholesale mall, it means that when you purchase 2 or more items, it will be cheaper. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Hence, remember to ask for wholesale price and you may also try your luck to ask for more discounts. There are no changing rooms in the stall, hence you will have to measure your size if you are unsure. Not to worry, they provide measuring tapes. Do check with the shop owners if it is exchangeable if it does not fit you after trying it in your hotel room or the building’s toilets after you purchase. Some will allow you to exchange.

platinumfashionmall-femaleclothings3 platinumfashionmall-femaleclothings

Guys, there are some nice shirts for you as well! All you have to do is just walk around and find a guy’s shop in the midst of female centred Β shops.

platinumfashionmall-menclothings platinumfashionmall-menclothings2 platinumfashionmall-tshirt

They also have some interesting t-shirts as well.

Children’s Clothing


Level 5 is where you can get all kinds of accessories.


As mentioned earlier, there are 2 wings. On Level 2, there is a new linked covered walkway to the different wing.


At the new wing, clothings are relatively more expensive but it definitely looks better.


Don’t miss out the upper levels where there are lots of footwear and bags.


For guys, I recommend you this local shoe brand, C.R.O.S.S. While many shops sell China-made shoes, I prefer to support the locals as it is of quality and is comfortable to wear too!

platinumfashionmall-menswear platinumfashionmall-menswear2

Novotel Platinum Bangkok is situated just above Platinum Fashion Mall. So if you have so much to purchase and do not want to travel with all your purchases, do consider staying at Novotel Platinum Bangkok if you want ultimate convenience.


A word of advice, once you spot something you like, purchase it immediately! The mall is so huge that you will have lots of difficulty locating the shop again.


If you are hungry or tired and just want to sit down and relax, be glad to know that there is a food court (although I don’t really recommend it because the standard of the food has been dropping every time I visit) at the top level and you can also find shops such as Swensons, Black Canyon Coffee, Red Mango at different levels.

Do remember to bring along enough cash and do note that shops close at 8pm. Some even start closing at 6pm.

Happy Shopping! πŸ™‚