Looking for a Seafood Restaurant along the expressway of Cha-Am / Hua Hin? This is one restaurant that is recommended by the locals.


This place is easily located as you can enter via the same entrance of Novotel Hua Hin.


I came here for a quick lunch.


Over here, you get to dine by the beach.

platooseafood2 platooseafood-massamancurry

As I was alone, it is impossible for me to order several dishes to try. I ordered Massaman Curry Chicken and it came with toasted croissants for me to dip into the curry as well! The massaman curry was thick and delicious though I felt it the sauce was a little insufficient for me. In Thailand, if you are not having Cha Yen, go for Coconut! And since I’m dining by the beach, it seemed like the perfect fit.


Platoo can house many customers and majority of them are Thai locals. I came after lunch hours so it was really quiet.


Dining by the beach is just an amazing experience which we don’t always get to experience. Do note that prices here are above average, not exactly cheap but that’s how restaurants beside the beach are priced.