Polo Fried Chicken is probably one of the best places selling Fried Chicken (Gai Tod). Yes, you still can find very good fried chicken on the streets, but it really depends. Not every stall is good.

If you want something consistent, head over to  Polo Fried Chicken – they serve  North-Eastern food from Isaan.

Polo Fried Chicken - Facade

If there is only one dish that you can order, go straight for the Fried Chicken! Even the restaurant is named after their Fried Chicken, so you can  never go wrong with the order.

Polo Fried Chicken - Chicken

So what makes their chicken so famous?

On the exterior (skin), it is not flour-battered so you actually get to see the actual skin. The layer of skin is thin and there isn’t lots of fats. The meat is  tender, flavourful and definitely not dry. And they top it off with lots of Fried Garlic, which makes the dish even more special.

And this dish goes well with sticky rice. Of course you can still have your normal white rice if you prefer.

Polo Fried Chicken - Chilli Sauce

The chicken comes with 2 chilli sauces – sweet or spicy. You should try both and see which one suits you better.

Polo Fried Chicken - Interior

This place is crowded especially during peak hours and it’s not exactly easy to locate this place, so I would recommend for you to take a taxi here unless you are adventurous. The nearest MRT is Lumphini station.

+ Like

Delicious chicken that is so addictive.

– Dislike

Not easy to locate this place.

= Conclusion

The chicken here is a definitely must try. It’s different from what you get from the streets. The fried garlic just brings the dish to a new level.